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  1. Wizard: I'm pretty sure that if Delta could hire enough Canadian pilots with goods hands, feet and attitudes, who met or were close to the 1000hr requirement of a significant number of their customers, they wouldn't hire foreigners. From what I hear the process for foreign hires is a total pain in the ***. I think your gripe should be with Contrails, not Delta. DGP: The demand for experienced pilots has changed the industry quite a bit, and Delta has changed too. It doesn't really make sense to compare today's Delta with the Delta of 40, 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. That notwithstanding, this is aviation and pilot's can still get their hopes and dreams dented, at Delta and almost any other operator in the country. Anyways, that's enough from me. I'll come back for a visit in another few months. See ya'll!
  2. Freck: I worked pretty hard this summer, not really much of a "shift" per se. It was my first time in many years working seasonally, so I wanted to make a lot of hay while the sun shone. I appreciate that Delta gave me the opportunity to "go for it". For years the "usual" summer shift has been 4-weeks-on/2-weeks-off, but when it gets busy all plans go to the wayside. Longer breaks seem to come in the winter. There have been other arrangements made, depending upon personnel and circumstances. Because they don't work much in the mountains, or the Arctic, or moving drills, or slinging bags, or skiing, or other glamorous stuff like that, Delta is seen by some pilots as a stepping stone. Get from 1000hrs to 3000hrs and move along to the next thing. That's probably the main reason for pilot turnover and the year-round job posting. There are also folks who stick around for a while, or longer, appreciating the steady work and decent pay cheques. Toughtimes: For sure, there are a few stellar companies out there with little or no turnover.
  3. I had a great season with Delta last year! Made plenty of money flying good, well maintained equipment. Just sent an email to the CP to make plans for next year, which will be 10 in a row with them. The work's not all that glamorous, but it's steady, pays reasonably well, and the equipment's in good nick. For the most part it's a good crew, and some of the folks are quite exceptional. Delta's not perfect, and as a long term employee I know that better than most. I've seen people come and go, and some have taken their sour grapes with them. Sometimes that just can't be helped. The bottom line is that Delta is a stable, profitable company. This means they must meet the needs of multiple stakeholders including TC, customers, employees, and the owners. Not an easy juggling act. It also means that they give good opportunities to Canadian (and other) pilots, engineers and apprentices. What people do with those opportunities is up to them.
  4. I got this app, it's pretty slick. Good work!
  5. Northern Alberta industries are slow, but those of us working with reliable, long term operators are still flying. Fires are, as always, a crap shoot. Fingers crossed!
  6. I've used the Leatherman Wave and it's pretty good. I'm currently using the Leatherman Surge. It's a bit big, but the wire cutters are hardened steel and seem to be holding up better than those on other LM models.
  7. Looks like you and Bentley have lotsa fun. World needs more funhogs!!
  8. On topic, our year was ok. We had lots of (not going to say what) work which really helped compensate for no fire season. Pretty slow now, though!
  9. Darned you, HeliRico, you saw through my mock-humble facade right away! You're too clever by far... (Laughing all the way to the bar!!!)
  10. Amen Brother Z, well said! I often describe my job as "equipment operator": A. It's true, and B. It avoids the embarassing "Oh that's so cool!" response.
  11. When I recently inquired about exporting waypoints the good people at <[email protected]> kindly sent me a .csv file of my waypoints that they extracted from my account. A little work with Excel and GPSBabel and I have a .gdb file that I can edit with Basecamp/Mapsource and share with my Garmin equipped colleagues.
  12. Sorry, Twinstar, what was that? I couldn't hear you over the ringing in my ears that's the same as a C20 compressor whine. Not to say that I've got tinnitus. Even if I did have it I wouldn't admit it. Don't really know how to pronounce it, anyways. Happy New Year!
  13. I used ANR in an SPH helmet for a couple of years but found there was considerable and uncomfortable distortion when flying with doors off or windows open. Now I use CEP and custom moulded earplugs and am quite comfortable. I might have tinnitus if I knew what it was, and if I did it would "sound" just like a C20 compressor whine. Season's best to all!
  14. Speyside, that did the job! Thanks so much for the suggestion, I'm saved from having to enter this decade!!! Cheers, D Mitten
  15. Thanks all for the discussion, very informative! Fire Eyes: I've tried using a variety of USB 2.0 hubs and that didn't work. I tried it from the Windows (Parallels) virtual machine on my Mac and that didn't work. A friend of mine suggested using a wireless USB 2 hub but I can't find one that's run on my Mac or Windows Parallels. I've tried every setting, port, software etc that I can think of. Frick!!! I too am searching for a solution...
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