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  1. I got this app, it's pretty slick. Good work!
  2. Northern Alberta industries are slow, but those of us working with reliable, long term operators are still flying. Fires are, as always, a crap shoot. Fingers crossed!
  3. I've used the Leatherman Wave and it's pretty good. I'm currently using the Leatherman Surge. It's a bit big, but the wire cutters are hardened steel and seem to be holding up better than those on other LM models.
  4. Looks like you and Bentley have lotsa fun. World needs more funhogs!!
  5. On topic, our year was ok. We had lots of (not going to say what) work which really helped compensate for no fire season. Pretty slow now, though!
  6. Darned you, HeliRico, you saw through my mock-humble facade right away! You're too clever by far... (Laughing all the way to the bar!!!)
  7. Amen Brother Z, well said! I often describe my job as "equipment operator": A. It's true, and B. It avoids the embarassing "Oh that's so cool!" response.
  8. When I recently inquired about exporting waypoints the good people at <team@foreflight.com> kindly sent me a .csv file of my waypoints that they extracted from my account. A little work with Excel and GPSBabel and I have a .gdb file that I can edit with Basecamp/Mapsource and share with my Garmin equipped colleagues.
  9. Sorry, Twinstar, what was that? I couldn't hear you over the ringing in my ears that's the same as a C20 compressor whine. Not to say that I've got tinnitus. Even if I did have it I wouldn't admit it. Don't really know how to pronounce it, anyways. Happy New Year!
  10. I used ANR in an SPH helmet for a couple of years but found there was considerable and uncomfortable distortion when flying with doors off or windows open. Now I use CEP and custom moulded earplugs and am quite comfortable. I might have tinnitus if I knew what it was, and if I did it would "sound" just like a C20 compressor whine. Season's best to all!
  11. Speyside, that did the job! Thanks so much for the suggestion, I'm saved from having to enter this decade!!! Cheers, D Mitten
  12. Thanks all for the discussion, very informative! Fire Eyes: I've tried using a variety of USB 2.0 hubs and that didn't work. I tried it from the Windows (Parallels) virtual machine on my Mac and that didn't work. A friend of mine suggested using a wireless USB 2 hub but I can't find one that's run on my Mac or Windows Parallels. I've tried every setting, port, software etc that I can think of. Frick!!! I too am searching for a solution...
  13. Recently bought a new Macbook Air, love it! Fast, light, Parallels runs Windows (Flightduty.xls) no problems. Great computer... BUT it won't recognize my Garmin 296 gps. Both Garmin and Apple acknowledge the problem and have no plans to fix it. Apparently, while the USB 3.0 ports on the Mac are "backwards compatible", they're not compatible with a relic like the 296. Shyte! Anyone have a proven fix for this problem? So I'm likely to be forced into the current decade and join the iPad cockpit crowd. Foreflight and Air Nav Pro both look pretty good, each with it's strengths and weaknesse
  14. You need to get your training from an instructor, so check around for a school that has an instructor who can training on the type of machine that you'll be bringing. No doubt the spray booms will have to come off for training. Good luck! DM
  15. If you do much flying with a door off don't get ANR. It has a hard time coping with that! IMO CEP trumps ANR. Had them both, sticking with CEP. DM
  16. Bumping into the ground by mistake is only part of the problem: if the viz is poor it could be darned hard to find some place to go when the chip light comes on. DM
  17. We've been doing this for years. Same for duals in/out, basket on/off. When the door's put in the back of the machine it's simply cargo. Cheers!
  18. Are we perhaps witnessing the distinction between policy and politics?
  19. Skully, what are your thoughts on bonded hose? DM
  20. Freewheel, I know you've given this issue and your response to it a tremendous amount of thought, and have sought credible legal advise. I admire your focus and determination! My (totally uninformed) concern is that your use of media leads TC to take a more punitive approach. I hope not!!! Best of luck, DM
  21. Thanks Skullcap, I'd suspected the landing gear had to be bonded to airframe, but never seen the piece 'o wire. I think we're saying the same thing about the hose nozzle. My point about the A* spout is primarily in comparison w/ 206 where the hose nozzle usually bonds to the airframe through the range extender. On an A* if you're not using bonded hose the nozzle has to be in contact with the airframe in those first few inches of the spout, otherwise the nozzle can build a static charge which could lead to arcing and other unpleasant consequences. Your examples of the pump internal
  22. If the drum and the a/c are sitting side by side on the same piece of earth are they not both grounded? But what about the rubber fittings between the landing gear and the clamps, don't those insulate the rest of the a/c from the ground? Darn! How about if I use a piece of cable to connect the drum, which is sitting on the ground with the standpipe screwed in and the pump clamped on (therefore all bonded) to the grounding point on the a/c? Just gotta be sure to use the teeth on the clamp at the end of the cable to scratch some of the paint off the barrel so that the clamp makes good co
  23. Condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the deceased. Very, very sad. RIP Dick Mitten
  24. Lots of good idea, here's a couple more: Have you thought about training as an AME? Might be a better route to work your way into the industry. Or else go to NAIT and get a gas operators certificate so that you're qualified to be a pilot operator. Seems like a fairly direct route into a pilot's seat. Good luck, Dick
  25. Personally, I'm against airing dirty laundry in public. And there's always some dirty laundry because none of us are perfect. There are plenty of appropriate channels and this ain't one of them. It may not be so for everyone, but for me this is more about respect than fear. That said, I'm trying hard to understand the fearful part, and suppose that to "air" is human, and 'tis better to air than to allow fouled laundry to moulder far from the light of day. Sheesh, I need another cuppa coffee! DM
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