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  1. Hi Ktown, I started flying in my early 40's after 3 previous careers: 1 of which I drifted out of, another I experienced the Peter principle ("People advance to the level of their incompetence") and the 3rd was a good try but not a good fit. I've worked for 5 helicopter companies in 11 years. I've seen different sides of different fences, each with it's own strengths and weaknesses. I've come to believe that the human condition often involves some degree of dis-satisfaction because life is seldom perfect. My current work situation isn't perfect, but it's good enough. My employer is doing everything they can to make it as good as possible for me, but there is only so much variety in the patch. I make pretty good money, have a pretty good shift, work for and with some pretty good people. Some of the work is awesome and some is pretty boring. If I were to go elsewhere it would be for different scenery and maybe a busier workday. Face it, I get bored easily! This summer we had some health issues in my family and the company flew me home for 7 weeks off in the middle of the summer. It meant that they parked an A-star for the duration, but they gave me no grief and encouraged me to take off as much time as we needed. For that kind of support I can tolerate some boredom! In this case my colleagues also worked extra hard to pick up the slack. Many "THANKS!!!" to everyone who helped out. That's how my loyalty gets bought. That's the view from my side of the fence. Dick Mitten
  2. Thanks P5 and General. I like the clarifying and focusing in your posts! DM
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's not a lot of 100hr pilots going off into [email protected], remote camps these days. I don't see any low timers in line for my B2, either. For those folks with a few more hours there's lots of employment ads... If the conditions are terrible and the company won't help, can't you "check out" at the end of your shift and find a more responsive and responsible employer? If I don't have reasonable living conditions my bosses will back my efforts to make things right. The last thing they want is an accident 'cuz the pilot couldn't eat/sleep/[email protected] in reasonable comfort. Is it perfect? No, but safety isn't compromised. None of this addresses the arguments for and against an association. I joined HEPAC because it looked like good things could come of it. Clearly there wasn't the critical mass to make it go. I've only worked for a few companies, but they've seemed to be interested in keeping pilots and engineers relatively happy. Sure I've seen folks "handled roughly", and taken a few "knocks" myself, but it's been no worse than the politics and HR (mis)management I've seen at good employers in other industries. Is it right? No. Is it worth forming an association for? Apparently not... I also know that there are a very few employers who are unscrupulous and best avoided. An association is unlikely to cure those ills. Great discussion! Sincerely, Dick M.
  4. So sorry to hear about this. Condolences to all those close to the deceased. Dick Mitten
  5. This is a stupid, boring, bored, board thread.
  6. Such a terrible burden, SS. Maybe start an online support group? You could probably have your own thread on this forum. OMG, that's what this is... HELP, I've been sucked into an online support group. HELP!!! Dickus Mittenus
  7. I agree w/ Plumber & Helidude: Layoff = Free agent. I like all the other suggestions, too. The truth is out there! The sweetheart is doing great. Thanks to those who've inquired. DM
  8. I don't see how the "jumping ship" math adds up: Say there are 50 vacancies to be filled today, and 40 of these are where folks have recently switched employers. Those ship jumpers must have recently filled 40 vacancies with their new employers, thereby creating the current vacancies with the old employers. So there were recent vacancies and those in effect became current vacancies. Looks like a lot of vacancies. And why are these companies hiring in the fall instead of saving their money and waiting for the spring? Well jeeze, either they have work for the winter or they're worried about being able to hire enough folks in the spring. Looks like demand for workers to me. I wonder why? AH1: You've seen through my thinly veiled, pathetic attempt to curry favour with the overlords. No doubt beatings and a summary dismissal are in my immediate future. So sad... Cheers! DM
  9. It's -12C this morning, the muskegs are frozen, along with the mosquitos, black flies and horse flies. The last of the needles are off the larches, and the snow covering N Alberta gives a clean, pure look. Today is the last flying day of my contract for this year... My sweetheart had some health issues this summer and my employer was awesome about time off, so while I'm growing tired of N Alberta summers, I'll be back again next year. If I were looking for work elsewhere, though, this certainly seems to be the time to be dropping off resumes! In my 11 years flying I've never seen such a demand for pilots, let alone in the autumn. I know that oil and mineral prices are fuelling exploration. Contrails and other customer requirements are pinching off the flow of new pilots. What are the other factors leading to such an early hiring season? D Mitten
  10. Chad, thanks for pursuing this and keeping us posted. It'd be great to see some official clarification from TC! DM
  11. The fact that the former employee was named makes all the difference and I'm glad the thread's gone. It wouldn't matter who was named, it none of our business. I'm surprised that TC can make that available to the public! I'm sorry that anyone would choose to leave this forum because of that thread, but we all have our limits, that's for sure. DM
  12. Condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of those passed. RIP Dick Mitten
  13. Every pilot reading this forum who has more than about 150 hrs (or maybe 110hrs?! or 50 hrs?) has made sphincter-clenching mistakes. What bush pilot hasn't looked at the ends of the m/r blades at some point and thought, "Those scratches were there when I took over the machine, weren't they"? No one takes off thinking, "Hey, today's the day I'll stick the tail rotor into a power line". Does paperwork make us safer? Do SOPs make us safer? Does a "safety culture" (whatever that means) make us safer? Sure, they can. Why not? Why not?! Because the mark 1 homo sapiens is not a frikking computer that'll dogmatically reproduce a static set of responses perfectly time and time again. Therein lies our brilliance and our weakness. Paper, SOPs and culture can have an impact. So does boredom, ego and get-home-itis. See the "Dirty Dozen". To the Ladies and Gentlemen who maintain and fly helicopters I say, "Do your utmost to be safe, and to keep your friends and colleagues safe". To the rest I say, "Thank you for your comments, I'll keep your concerns in mind". And I mean that quite sincerely. Dick Mitten (and darned proud of it!)
  14. Ah shucks... That's quite a difference in timeframes!
  15. Sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the pilot. RIP. Dick Mitten
  16. Helidude, Why is the B2 becoming SD2 & not an FXII? Hope you're well, DM
  17. Fall colours, Harvest moon, lotsa wildlife. Nice! DM
  18. I haven't heard anything about the program being cancelled, and I work with a couple of fine Kiwi lads who are in Canada on a part time basis. Quick Google search doesn't reveal anything either... DM
  19. You check your hydraulics? What a librarian!! (Opps, wrong thread. Sorry...) D Mitten
  20. When someone decides to stir up a big ol' pot full of shyte nobody needs to take a bite. When I had an ANR kit in my helmet I wore earplugs too. Now I just use CEP. But then I'm well known as a wannabe librarian! I also wear a nomex flight suit: what of poofter! Haaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaahahahaha!! DM
  21. Before testing the hydraulics on an Astar I always give the collective a tug to check the lock, then grip the collective with my arm braced while turning off the hydraulics. Glad no one was hurt! D Mitten
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