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  1. I'm thinking of joining the new millenium ('bout time). Being a cheap barstard I reckon on having not much more than a Wx app and a W&B app. Don't really see the need for much more. Really, I'm just tired of cludging the A-Star W&B on my Garmin. Which gizmo will give me the best value? Thanks, Dick M.
  2. Good luck to everyone trying to tame the nuclear dragons! They are true heros. DM
  3. Sorry, I don't have any more info on the IBF/elementary maint. issue, just that an operator I've heard of is apparently doing this quite legally. DM
  4. I'll stick to my washbrush, thanks!! DM
  5. Apparently changing the IBF can be classified as "elementary maintenance"... Working out of pretty sandy/dusty places, the IBF can foul quickly. Gotta avoid the brown-out locations! Had a fuel cache in a place like that, made a coupla' crewhands quad there to hook up loads so I could sling 'em to a better location. DM
  6. It's not uncommon to pick up Execs from "down South" at the terminal building and drive into town to replace Gucci and Brooks Bros with Sorrel and True North. If they don't think the warm gear's needed, standing around for the safety briefing usually changes their minds. DM
  7. So glad crew and pax walked away!!!! I carry a survival blanket, flint, and signal mirror in my flightsuit, and my Leatherman isn't just for annoying the engineers. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. D Mitten
  8. My term is just about up and it's time to shop around. RBC seems to have good rates... Anyone suggest an underwriter or broker who's on top of the pilot insurance game? Thanks, DM PS Already read the previous Life Insurance thread.
  9. Just a little thread drift: Did VIH keep the PR contract? DM
  10. "Donna" & "Tommy" @ Valhalla, Hope yer both well. Happy New Year! Yer friend, "Trixie"
  11. Some time ago I was talking with an old prospector about bear protection. He had some advice about carrying a hand gun. "File off the front sight", he told me. "That way it won't hurt so much when the bear shoves it up yer ar$eh0le." I think he was trying to tell me how hard it is for the average shooter to inflict lethal damage when being charged. Since I'm only, at best, an occasional shooter I make sure to practice with my shotgun before I tote it into bear country. Could be the best weapon and ammo in the world but it won't help me if I can't hit Yogi. FYI When I'm in grizz country I carry a (registered) Mossberg Defender 12g and alternate loads of 000 shot and magnum slugs. Not as concerned about northern Alberta/Sask/BC blacks. If I were to work in polar bear country it'd be with me fer shur. DM
  12. Some time ago I had a filter blockage and partial loss of hydraulic controls on a 206A. I followed the FM instructions and it was a non-event. The red popout was not extended when I did the DI the previous evening nor at the preflight that morning. I flew less than an hour that day. Don't remember what the problem was eventually attributed to, other than filter blockage. I try to call the red popout the "filter indicator" rather than the "bypass indicator". "Red popout thingy on the hydraulic filter" works too, but doesn't sound a professional. DM
  13. Heard rumours last year that some pilots on day rates were, unfortunately, sitting at home collecting squat. I prefer some kinda guaranteed income, but I also like the idea that the more I bill the more I get. We each have our own comfy place in the pay scale spectrum... DM
  14. Good point, Hazy. I hadn't thought of it that way! DM
  15. If I'd started earlier I would have gone the AME route first, then pilot if the urge was still there. There are times in the bush when it'd be nice to be able to fix the snag and sign it out. DM
  16. I'd say he's almost ready bucket on a fire... DM
  17. Thanks gents. Hybrid: Good idea. Jim: Got those points covered, thanks! Pica: Didn't think of that. I'll get it next draft. Cam: So right!! Plus if the engineers see that the driver gives a shyte, they're often more likely to go the extra mile, kilometer, whatever, and some of those annoying-but-not-critical snags will get taken care of. Sudden: Your apprentice has been spiking your coffee w/ saltpeter... Happy New Year, DM
  18. Wrote this for another purpose, then thought it might be useful/amusing here. Enjoy!! DM WASHING THE OUTSIDE Everything but the windows. 1. No brushes on the windows. See Cleaning Windows below. 2. Know where the fuel tank, engine gear box, main rotor & tail rotor gear box vents are and avoid spraying water in these areas! 3. Make sure all the windows and vents are closed. 4. Dust will scratch the paint: Rinse the a/c thoroughly before washing. 5. Use plenty of soap in the wash mix: Approximately 2 parts soap to 10 parts water. 6. Some wash brushes are marked “A/C Only”. Use these to wash the painted parts of the a/c, do not use them on the skids or flight steps. Brushes used on skids or flight steps can have trapped particles of dirt or sand that will scratch the paint. 7. Dried bugs will eventually soften. Leave soapy water to soak areas of dried bugs. 8. Be gentle washing around: OAT probes, antennas, tail rotor hubs, position and strobe lights. 9. Tail rotor blades must be held/stabilized when washed. 10. Rinse often: If the soap dries there will be a soapy residue, no matter how much you rinse after. Areas where soap has dried must be washed again. Windows 1. Dust will scratch the windows, so rinse with plenty of water before washing. 2. After rinsing, use dish soap or a/c soap and bare hands (no rings, please) to wash the windows. Soap will wash off residual 210 and help avoid waxy buildup and smudges. No brushes, clothes or sponges, please! These may have trapped particles of dirt that could scratch the windows. 3. Rinse thoroughly, and polish with 210 while still damp. WASHING THE INSIDE Windows 1. Polish with Prist. If possible avoid using 210 because this causes a waxy buildup that will eventually start to smudge. Floors 1. Jet Ranger: Remove floor trays, wash trays with soap & water. Vacuum carpet. Use soap and water on a shop towel to clean dirt and mud on carpet or painted surfaces. Let trays dry completely before reinstalling. 2. A-Star: Sweep out loose debris. Wash the rubber mat with soap and water, using either a shop towel or scrub brush. Wipe up with shop towels, rinsing and wringing them out often. Seats 1. Brush and/or vacuum. Use soap and water on a shop towel to clean dirt and mud splatters. Remove covers and launder to remove long term dirt. Instrument Panel 1. A soft paint brush is ideal for removing dirt and dust. A shop towel with a little Prist is good for cleaning instruments.
  19. Noralta Lodge, Red Earth Creek Alberta. No kidding! DM
  20. Thanks, Old Dog. That gem about the tree trick is one of the reasons I come here! DM
  21. Lift! But I'm just a bush pilot. If there's 2 VHF and 2 FM radios, I call that fancy avionics! DM
  22. Frickin' pilots, what a bunch of ignorant yahoos. Opps! Dick
  23. Welcome! Everything Winnie said. Also know that the amount of time away from home can be very hard on relationships/family. DM
  24. Many good points, an interesting and eye-opening discussion! Here's my 2-bits: It's a sad fact that many pilots start out on a wide-eyed, youthful quest for "The Dream". Too many become cynical and jaded when that dream turns out to include mud, mosquitos, a**holes, and way to much time away from home. As my friend commented upon meeting one such, "Where did he lose his 'Give a dam*?'" While greedy and/or unscrupulous operators may be causative agents, it's up to each of us to maintain our integrity and enthusiasm, which, I would argue, are two hallmarks of professionalism. Here in Canada, where we have so much, we are each of us responsible for our own happiness! Aviation is my third career: I started flying in my 40s. If I could change careers, so can you! Don't be trapped in an unhappy (aviation) career by "golden handcuffs"!! You, your family, your employer, and your customers deserve a father, husband, employee, and pilot who "Gives a dam*". Take care and have fun, Dick Mitten
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