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  1. Glad all are relatively unscathed. Kudos to the crew! DM
  2. RIP Gentlemen... Condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of those passed. Dick Mitten
  3. Ah shucks, John. That's kind of you to say. But this is just my on-line personality. In the meat world I'm actually quite abusive, abrasive, rude and disrespectful. Hence the name. Dick
  4. Plumber, Sorry if I've been a bit obtuse... Let me try again. My point about the wife and kid is simply this: the level of risk that I'll accept for my own family far outweighs the level of risk I'll accept professionally, in a rescue or any other situation. I'm actually quite risk tolerant, but I take seriously my responsibilites to my family, passengers, employer and the general public, so I'm not a Cowboy. Here's an example: A faller takes a bad hit from his saw high up on a heli-block. I'd have no hesitation to take him off the hill in a Stokes litter across the back seat of a Jetbox if: 1. There was no better machine available; 2. The seatbelts were securing the litter; 3. The faller (or whoever) was gonna die if the flight didn't happen i.e. major arterial bleeding; and 4. The flight wasn't gonna make things worse for the patient i.e. die choking on vomit enroute. But I wouldn't hover-load the litter on the hill 'cuz then the possibilites of things going pear-shaped get way outta control and more lives, including my own, are at risk. And no, I'm not on the volunteer fire dept. When I'm home the #1 priority is spending time with my beautiful wife and child. They live without me for so much of the year, they deserve all the time I can give them when I'm home. If at some point I have time for volunteer work it'll be with the Squamish Search & Rescue, where some of my skills and experience can be put to the best effect. Enuf. Dick
  5. Plumber, Back when I was a climbing guide, mtn rescue ranger, ambulance attendent and professional ski patroller the 1st rule of emergency response was to not add yourself to the casualty list. Also, I wrote "give my life for my wife and daughter", not "risk my life". You're right about spur of the moment decision making. That's where professional training is so important. Cheers, Dick
  6. 1. "Where am I gonna go WHEN (not if) the stove quits?" This tends to curtail any Cowboy impulses I get. 2. I'd give my life for MY wife or daughter, but NOT for yours. Sorry. 3. Seatbelts are mandatory. This includes stretchers. 4. Aircraft limits are not "optional". 5. "Your Honour, we did everything reasonably possible to protect the patient during this evacuation. Also, it was the opinion of the 1st responders on the scene at the time that if the patient was not evacuated IMMEDIATELY he most certainly would have passed away. If I am guilty of anything beyond exercising due care and attention while trying to save the patient's life I must accept the consequences of my actions." 6. It's a bit shocking how much we confuse good luck with good planning. It's a self-reinforcing illusion, until the inevitable occurs. I had the 'good luck' to dodge the Reaper while learning this (years ago, before aviation), but it was a close thing. Take good care, Dick Mitten
  7. Summer 2001, flying an R22 in the Barren Lands, NWT: $1500/month, $25/hr. No charge for the tent, food, bug spray. The experience was priceless, for everything else there was Mastercard. DM
  8. Mere words always seem so inadequate at a time like this... Sincerest condolences to the families and friends of the pilots, and to those at Essential. Dick Mitten
  9. I did my course @ 2500hrs and it was very humbling. Maybe KO had something to do with that... Dick
  10. Insightful post, HEC. Thanks for taking the time to think and write about this! (Hope yer havin' a great summer!) Dick
  11. Jon, Please please please get some rotary mtn training before you take people out. It's a big mistake to underestimate the complexity of mountain winds and remote landings. Whatever your FW experience, it hasn't prepared you for landing on a ridge, in a saddle, on a peak, or in a cirque. Not to mention taking off again. D. Mitten
  12. Jon, You're right, Pemberton is an amazing place to fly! I live down the road in Squamish. Why are you not charging for "instruction"? What is the purpose of your endeavour? While intriguing, your post raises many questions...
  13. Thanks for the Great Popsicle Debate. Made my day! LOL in my High Level motel room!!! Dick
  14. Thanks T55 for the info. Wray came to Lac La Biche and got our rotors turning on more than one occasion. Sorry I missed the summer when he and the missus had their trailer parked next to the hangar. Condolences to Wray's family and friends. He was a fine person. Dick Mitten, Delta Helicopters
  15. That makes me wanna puke! No thank you, that kinda flyin's not for me... DM
  16. Interesting presentation, Fred. Thanks for taking the time to put "fingers-to-keyboard", as it were. Dick Mitten
  17. Last year I saw a Temsco B3 nicely tricked out for LH longlining. Big bubble window in the door, driver's seat all the way over, elbow rest, gauges in the door. Sweet! The driver said all theirs were like that... DM
  18. Thanks for the laugh, Splitpin! And no, that's not me being sarcastic again. DM
  19. Condolences to you, Bob, and to all of Chuck's family, friends and colleagues. RIP Dick Mitten
  20. According to the BA FM: At 8000' & 30C a straight BA will hover OGE at 3600lbs. If yer machine weights 2800lbs and you've got 50% fuel (500lbs: 300lbs/1hr + 200 lbs/20% reserve) you can carry 300 lbs of pilot and other stuff. IGE hover = 3850 lbs or 550 lbs of pilot and other stuff but no margin when the wind goes the other way on short final. DM
  21. Not on my coast, thank you very much. The riches of the coastal sea are far more sustainable than a BC off-shore oil industry. DM
  22. Big, multi-start day in Slave district yesterday. More lightening coming this afternoon. 10,000 hectare fire up near Chip Lake. We're doin' ok this week... Otherwise, seems pretty slow. DM
  23. I'm pretty much with you, Offset. We're supposed to be grownups and highly trained professionals, and therefore able to make good decisions. If it weren't for the unscrupulous trying to pressure the vulnerable, personal responsibility would be the way to go! Who else has taken the time to contact the authorities on this issue? Any results? DM
  24. Wipe away the dry, self-deprecating dust and you'll see me LMAO. Dick
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