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  1. now how could that not warm the hearts of some of those big ole meanies on here thanks for sharing
  2. Watching the video again, our 7 year old entered the room just as it started. Comments were, verbatim, "Oh my [email protected] mummy that must be embarrassing, AND she's on the news. Gosh I hope the water doesn't fall on her too".
  3. Lillooet is on evacuation order. Stay safe up there all you guys, hubby included.
  4. C'mon Cap, go easy on the fella, he's making an effort, watched him get into his Toyota Prius when picking up the hubby from a crew change flight once. Great job by all on the Glenrosa fire, my family, along with many others I'm sure, says a big thank you for an awesome most appreciated effort.
  5. AM 1150 is streaming live http://www.am1150.ca My Brother/Sister inlaw and kids are affected, all of Glenrosa is evacuated. So anxious I can hardly type.
  6. I was wondering, to afraid to ask, looks great Dick, not my choice of headwear but it works... Is it a huggies or pampers ? Splitty that's not nice, but must admit it was the first thing that came to my mind to.
  7. I suppose it is human nature that people like to form themselves into groups-for self-protection, for interests, for whatever, it seems to be a natural way of life. Unions may be great for protecting the rights of employees, only if that Union is not closed minded, one sided and ran by militant shop stewards and union officials that are unwilling to negotiate with their apparently equally accused militant employers. At the slightest hint of paranoia the wagons are drawn into a circle and the strikes begin. My introduction to unions goes like this - (and I’ve cut a long story way short,) when I was growing up in Sunny SE Queensland Aus, our Power Distribution Authority, then SEQEB, bought electricity from the Qld Electricity Commission and sold it to us consumers. SEQEB employees were unionized under the Electrical Trade Union. We experienced strike after strike blackout after blackout for a long time, until the big finale when ETU members went out resulting in almost two weeks of no or little electricity. The State declared an emergency which resulted in the workers being ordered back by the government or be dismissed. The scabs that went back were victims of the most disgusting acts of thuggery by the hold outs. They were spat on, their lives and families threatened, their property vandalized, the list goes on and on. Those were the scabs that needed to pay the mortgage feed and cloth the children and would not be dictated to by minorities in their union. While us consumers were subjected to rations of electricity to keep not only their households running but businesses opened and people employed. It was a debacle that resulted in sweeping, history making changes to legislations and acts regarding Unions, employers and employees back in the 80’s. Its net result in the Industrial Arena was that employees were now free of intimidation from an aggressive minority, free of the excesses of union power---free of the abuse of union militancy. Being a teenager during this and seeing my anti-union father who ran a highly successful business that was not only our sole family income, but also the sole income of a lot of his employees go to great lengths to keep his business running during these times, this left a rather large imprint in my views on unions. His employees were always taken care of, listened to, acknowledged and respected. They were thankful he bought the expensive generator to keep the business going and them employed and paid and thankful also that they were treated the way they were and in return were hard working honest employees. It seems, to me, that if all employers were similar the need for unions would fall by the wayside, of course in reality this is not the case. You can’t keep all the people happy all the time. This dispute – in its entirety - may be viewed as an extreme example but it was enough back then and still to form my opinion on the subject of unions. If your still awake – my current union encounter. My sister is a government union employee whose Union recently fought till the bitter end for a minority of employees wanting pay increases, employment guarantee, etc etc etc. In the end the union settled for not much more than what the employees had in the first place, go figure. Two weeks later the letters were sent out by the Government notifying that layoffs will commence. My sister was amongst the majority that are, in this market just thankful for a job and the more than decent pay-packet that came with it, obviously not enough for some, she is now faced with the possibility of losing her job. I know nothing about the working conditions that have resulted in this union being formed and acknowledged but I wish the CHC union members all the very best in their quest. My 2c worth and now bracing for impact.
  8. Yes happy feet there are laws about harassing wildlife down under, although I'm sure the kangaroos would disagree. It is fortunate that the pilot could drag his mate out of harms way and I hope he has a speedy recovery. "Crocodiles, the great survivors from the dinosaur age, are only found in the more tropical regions of Australia; northern Queensland, the Northern Territory and the northern parts of Western Australia. Of the world’s 23 species of crocodile and alligator, only two species exist in Australia; the freshwater croc (”freshie”) and saltwater croc (”salty”). Both are protected species in Australia. Freshies are normally found in rivers, lakes, billabongs and other permanent bodies of fresh water. They rarely grow beyond three metres, are not know to attack and will generally leave you alone if you leave them alone. Salties on the other hand, can be found in both fresh and salt water — if in doubt, always assume they are present in the area. Of the two, salties are by far the more dangerous, growing to lengths of seven metres and weighing over 1000 kilograms. With a much larger head and stronger jaws than the freshie, large adult salties will easily eat kangaroos, wallabies and wild pigs. Although uncommon, salties will attack and have killed 14 people since 1974. The stats are around 1 per year, although in 2005 tragically it was 3. How do I Avoid a Croc Attack? • Never swim were salties are present — especially at night. I would extend this to freshies as well. • Take notice of ALL warning signs in crocodile areas — especially after the rainy season when flood waters are receding - that would include mud flats.. • Don’t clean fish at the edge of the water • Camp at least 50 metres from the edge of any water • Don’t leave food or leftovers near the water • When fishing, never wade into water where crocs may be present • Don’t collect water from the same spot everyday -— salties have been known to stalk campers and fishermen" I should add - keep your dog close, they've been known to take quite a few.
  9. "The Law of Cause & Effect states that absolutely everything happens for a reason. All actions have consequences and produce specific results, as do all inactions. The choices we make are causes, whether they are conscious or unconscious, and will produce corresponding outcomes or effects. The law of cause and effect is commonly known throughout science. For every action there is a reaction or similarly, for every cause there is an effect and from every effect there must have been a cause. Often people are living their lives reacting to one event after the next. They presume life is just a random series of circumstances and that they must deal with what life throws at them from moment to moment. They are unaware that they are directly responsible for each and every event that appears in their lives. Due to the law of cause and effect they have in fact created the circumstances that have arrived in their reality from their own thoughts, words and actions. These thoughts, words and actions on the part of the individual are the cause and the resultant outcome at some later date is the direct effect from the initial cause." Worth a thought.
  10. Mr. Old Fart is then. Funny that picture is a striking resemblance to the picture of you I had in my mind :shock:
  11. The post was NEVER about how hard spouses have it. It was about how spouses deal with the concerns of their loved ones being away and not safe at home. Somehow I feel as though I am repeating myself rtrmvr was looking for advice. In saying that when one seeks advice all sorts of advice is given in return. Thank your wife for her advice. Im spoilt rotten and know it. Now onto your last post - M1/M2 Wife: Not sure if your reply was directed to me or not. If not feel free to give me that "Wive Look" and disregard any further comments from me. It wasn’t. It was directed to the other “old fart” sp . But I won’t disregard all of your comments If otherwise, allow me to clarify a few things for you; Firstly I AM a PLANK driver and a Plank Engineer. However, I am also a Fling WIng Engineer, M1, M2 to be precise, and I have earned the majority of my living wrenching on fling wings all over butt F27k Everywhere. I stated what I stated and how I stated AFTER my wife (again 38 years married-same woman) read the posts and started laughing. She laughed again when she read the comment about "not sure if I would still be married if either of us told each other to suck it up and stop whinning". I laugh at a lot of the posts as well, this one included Now before you sharpen the meat cleaver, let me give you some back ground on US ( SHE-WHO-MUST- BE- Obeyed (SWMBO)- She hates that terminology by the way) and myself. Me too - now where's that meat cleaver. After close to 40 + years in this business, I have had the same area of my back broken TWICE, my neck broken once, Plevic bone and both hips are held together with stainless steel pins, as are both knees and both feet and the left arm. Have had TWO artrificiasl lenses inserted in my eyes (replacing the original damaged lenses- caused the Doctor siad by years of exposure to chemicals at work) and I have to wear hearing aids from the damage caused by the whine of jet engines-mostly and a couple of drivers partially! If I feel pain, I know I'm alive! SWMBO tells me every day to suck it up and stop whinning, somebody somewhere has it alot worst then I do (Poor Bugger!). I disagree somewhat with the last sentence, that someone somewhere couldn’t possibly still be breathing. SWMBO is a brittle ( very hard to control) diabetic, has had two heart attacks and is suffering renal failure. She's tougher then I am, I only have to tell her to stop whinning and suck it up once every two weeks or so. Sorry to hear of your wife’s ails and I’m glad she’s a trooper thru it all. She must be a very strong woman and I hope she is well more than she isn’t. Same thing when I went out in the bush with a machine. 5 months is Northen Manitoba, No sat coverage, no trip out to the big city of Thompson and no whinning. from either of us. She KNEW what I did before I married her. I never in all these years worried about her wants, but we always sat and talked about her and my concerns at home. Her needs I look after, she priority ONE. My needs, she looks after quite well whenever she feels well. Keeps me flat, fat and happy. I also knew what my spouse did prior to getting married this is in an earlier post of mine somewhere in the 10 pages The work and the separation was never about her, nor I. It was about and for us. That and this was how I earned the money to provide her a couple of houses, heat, light and food. She knew when I was out on contract, money was comming in. when I was home, it was going out! Same here. Did she worry about me when I was gone? Probably but she never said any thing about it. She knew it would be something else I'd have to worry about while I was in the bush. AND she also knew, given that I was working with a pilot and a helicopter, I had enough on my mind without her adding more to it and having me distracted from doing the best job I could to keep the machine serviceable, getting it through the contract and getting myself and my driver home alive. Same here But then again, when I was in the military she knew that I'd be and was called many times in the middle of the night to go. I never knew when I was coming home nor did she. She never once complained ( not implying that you are either) nor would she discuss things with anybody else. She knew what I did before she married me, and she knew why I did it. The difference here is that there are spouses who do want to discuss other spouses concerns, hence the thread being started. I don't see anything wrong with that - but maybe it is this young vs old thing. Good for your wife dealing with it herself again that shows her strength. Some may not be so strong, I happen to be a very strong, independant, open minded, pig headed at times... woman. I gave my initial advice on page one to rtrmvr concerns on how I deal with my spouse being away which is what rtrmvr asked for. Nothing more nothing less. And along with a bunch of other suck ups here, I'll do my own sucking up to her. Bascially, she raised my daughter alone!! After coming back from an extended 11 months assignment behind the Iron Curtain (where she didn't know where i was), I didn't even recognize my daughter when I got home. My daughter turned out just fine (If you can call being a computer weenie fine). Maybe i'm missing the point of the original posts here ( I have gone back and read them all, again!) OR, maybe Old Split and I are from a different generation. To me (can't and would never try and speak for Slpit0 everything was always about US. What can we do to make live better for us. It was never about My nor her wants, needs or concerns. Basically, what I'm saying in a long winded way, is: Stop worrying, get on with your life and the kids life, you'll be fine, the kids will be fine andhe'll be back. After a week he'll be getting under your feet and in your way! You can do just fine with out him around all the time. PLUS, with hinm going away that often, every trip home is like a new Honeymoon. The only other way yáll get to ...AHEM "Play checkers" that often would be to fight, then you'd have an excuse to make up! It's easier with him going out on contract!! Thanks for this advice. This is all that really was asked for when rtrmvr initiated the post. Looks like we might be back on topic here now. But HEY, What the heck do I know?? I'm just a man! An old man too. Having stated that, just because I'm getting old doesn't mean I'm growing up. Most men never do, mine included, and I like that.
  12. I have also lived and traveled all over the world, I realize how lucky I am living here in Canada. But I don’t think “how lucky we have it” was the topic of the thread. I also realize how lucky I must be having an “old fart” older generation husband that is receptive to the needs, wants and concerns of his younger generation spouse. Just like I am to his. Not sure if I would still be married if either of us told each other to suck it up and stop whining. Unless I misinterpreted the posts at the beginning of this thread, I would not consider “concerns” about spouses/family in the industry – “whining”. Don’t recall any whining about them being away for however long or short, just concerns spouses/families have when their loved one is not home safe with them.
  13. No need to apologise Elvis, I have read this forum for a long time now and I know they go off topic ALL the time. Just thought it was a nice idea to be able to see how other loved ones deal with their anxieties. My husband was an engineer before we were married 10 years ago. I bought the ticket and I knew what I was getting into, just like some of the other spouses. In saying that it still doesn't mean we don't worry at times. Anyhoo back to that little pilot/engineer issue.
  14. Very true SP, like I said "just for once". I'll stop reading threads at the end of the first page.
  15. The thread was started by a loved one at home wanting some feedback from others on concerns they have with their husband/wife/son/daughter being in this industry, and how they deal with those concerns. It would be nice if just for once, out of respect for the wives and other family members, that this thread stayed on topic.
  16. Thanks for thinking of us Elvis. Being married to an engineer who has spent the last 10 years remote brings with it the same emotions that a pilot's wife experiences. I cherish the times he is home and he says he does too . When he's away of course the anxiety kicks in, I try to stay busy and having children makes that easier to do, I try my hardest not to think of the worst case scenarios, its tough as **** but like Eagle Eyez mum says it will make you sick, so for my sake I have my glass of wine or two or :blur: , say a quick prayer to someone up there and wait for my nightly sat phone call. If it doesn't come I tell myself its the darn signal again and know he will call when its back up. My husband does everything in his power to keep you guys safe up there doing the thing you guys love so much. No shortcuts, no good to go if there is doubts. So I ask you fellow pilots a little favour, if he's up there with you on a check ride, do everything in your power to keep him safe for me. We have been to too many services in his time in this industry, as have many of you. Whether it is a pilot,engineer, ground crew or any husband in any industry, you all need to stay safe doing what you love doing. And us wives have to sit back knowing that you will all do your damnedest to be back home safe with us and the kids at the end of your shift.
  17. I hope you still remember us now that your a famous pilot that looks good in the 107 and a towel. You go Diva
  18. Helicopter Jim, this is my first ever post and it is not intended to initiate a slinging match. I do hope my cryptic crossword skills are still sharp and we are on the same page when it comes to the said company I am at a loss as to why you would post a rumor about a company going “breasts up”. I don’t see the logic in it, other than to maybe have the honor of being the first person to bring it to the attention of other users if in fact it does turn out to be more than a rumor. If that does actually happen then a big pat on the back for you, there’s your five seconds of fame. Surely you must not be so naïve to think that no-one at the mentioned cryptic company doesn’t read, post or both on these forums, and would not be feeling a sudden sinking feeling in their lower regions after viewing your thread. Is that the intent? I guess all I can do is wait for the facts from my reliable source and go back to being the anxious wife waiting each week nervously for her husband to come off rotation, oh but now I get to wonder if he comes off rotation with a pretty pink slip in hand. Just wish those darn Sat phones would work. Thanks for the heads up HJ on what I hope are still saggy breasts cause I have way too much shopping I still need to do.
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