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  1. The problem with Transport is they still base all these regs on fix wing operations(Straight from the mouth of a Transport Inspector). They forget that most of use are not working off an airport where our flight and air time are only .2 of a difference. Most of us are landing multiple times in a 1hr period. I'm currently on a job where we are only working in a 5 mile radius where taking off and landing 20 times in a hour is common. So ya the flight time and air time are quite a bit different. BUT we are paid for flight time and I'm paid for flight time. Why am I or any of us going to work an 8hr day only to be paid for 6.5? If transport only wants us to track, log and bill for air time then not only should operators rates go up but also the pilots, engineers etc. There's so many factors that play into to the difference in flight and air time. Say you have a crew change at the drill, takes 18 minutes to do but only 7 minutes of air time because of the cross shift talking to one another. Does that mean you and the operator only get paid for a .1? The cost to start it plus the rins or cycles on the machine plus paying the crew far exceeds the revenue for that flight. The only way to recover that cost is to charge flight time. As for logging Flight time vs air time in your own records, who cares! Do whatever you want. If your trying to pad your book to make it look like you have more hrs then you do, well guess what, when your CP or Ops Manager does your ride, he will be able to tell whether your lying or not.
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