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  1. If anyone has a set of ATPL Exams they are willing to share, please PM me, thanks
  2. Breaking News from The Globe and Mail CHC Helicopter sold for $3.7-billion TAVIA GRANT Friday, February 22, 2008 CHC Helicopter Corp. was sold Friday to Greenwich, Connecticut-based First Reserve Corp. for $3.7-billion in what the companies said is the largest ever buyout in the oil-field services industry. Vancouver-based CHC is the world's largest provider of rescue helicopters, along with services to the global offshore oil and gas industry, while First Reserve is a private-equity firm. The all-cash sale “builds upon CHC's position as a world-class helicopter company,” said CHC
  3. Looking for AW139 Flight manual, PM me if you can help
  4. check your currency exchange rates.... the Almighty US $ isn't what it's all cracked up to be against all major currencies any longer..... falling against most.
  5. To answer your post: The Federal Law says if a union is voted it, all are members upon certification. Nobody was forced to join, coerced or strong-armed, we even said join or don't join its you choice. In our case over 88% of the pilots signed union cards, another 5% did later past the cut-off date for sending the documents to the CIRB.... so 93% of the pilots cannot be wrong. This was a major indictment of the lousy management within EMS, much stronger numbers than even the medics which traditionally come from union backgrounds. The CIRB told us this was one of the strongest shows of
  6. Well said John, This group of pilots didn't take the step of organizing lightly. We did it because the company just would not listen to rational argument about improving the division overall. The last thing anyone wants to do is "just move on" The only way a group of pilots can engage improvement is by a legally recognized association/union, call it whatever you want.
  7. Without a voice, Certified under the Canadian Industrial Relations Board, this company paid lip service to our concerns and simply dismissed them. If you want to make improvement in areas of safety, wages, working conditions etc. then organize. If you don't want any improvements, just stay the way you are - That's EXACTLY what your company wants. We've been fighting against the low FO standards and repeated lowering of Capt standards. We are now taking our concerns DIRECTLY to our main customer the Ontario Air Ambulance Services Corp. and bypassing CHL in the process. A professional
  8. Firstly, without a legally recognized labour organization certified by the CIRB, no company has any obligation to listen to any pilots concerns. Hence, a union or professional association is needed. The PHPA is affiliated with the OPEIU, IFALPA << the International Association of Airline Pilots Associations and the CHC-PA in Europe. Say what you like, but there is an international movement, all connected, for the betterment of our working conditions and industry. The PHPA in North America is a legally recongized organization speaking for helicopter (and some fixed wing) pilots. On
  9. Earnings increases over 30% during the term of the contract. First year earnings increases about 20% including a Signing Bonus Paid Lunch period Double-time for some shifts FO's were paid from $36K - $51K they will now earn from $43K - $61K in FIRST Year Captains were paid from $62K - $78K they will now earn from $73K - $91K+ in FIRST Year other things as well -a pretty good start, but like anything there is still room to improve. Without the PHPA-OPEIU NONE of this would have been possible because the company refused to listen to any of our concerns prior to certificati
  10. It's not new, I remember seeing this demonstrated in 96 or 97 in Abbotsford. Eclipse Helicopters (the picture) has been using this for a while now.
  11. Thanks to both of you for your recommendations
  12. Hi, not looking for the exams, just sames exam style questions. Usually there are sample exams floating about, I'd just like to get in the mindset to write the blasted things.. thanks
  13. No, it's fear not a reward for not joining. The engineers have been petted and stroked to keep them from joining, we all know it. They probably will still join if approached. All this is happening in an effort to fend off another Union, that's it that's all. Put any spin you want on this, but the bottom line is CHL doesn't want more Union representation.
  14. The CHL OPEIU Union IS making an impact! For fear of having the engineers join the OPEIU, CHL has given them a 10% raise. This is FEAR of them joining the Union. I wonder what dealing WITH the actual Union will produce for the Pilots... WELL DONE OPEIU! :up:
  15. If you seriously want operators to live up to the Federal Labour Code, then strongly consider signing a Union Card. The OPEIU will be glad to help, as they are with the CHL EMS pilots and thousands of pilots in the U.S. PM me for contact information and assistence. Most of the customers YOU fly in the Oil and Gas Sector ARE Unionized, THEY may start insisting that they are flown by Union Pilots.
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