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  1. You would have to be exceptionally bad at paperwork to spend 60% of your time pushing a pen in my opinion.


    I would say between wiping grease and oil and washing the boom, decks and **** hole I spend about 30% of my time cleaning. I think my ship stays pretty clean too.


    At some companies, there isn't support staff to do all the monkey's paperwork for them. Too many errors.....In my personal experience with (for example) changing a head on a Jetbox. Take sme about 5 hrs to install, string and static balance the blades. Install on machine. Well, to the informed person who actually fills out the individual cards with CORRECT information and the assy. card plus logbook (once again ACCURATELY and CORRECTLY) it takes me about 5 hrs, with a couple unavoidable interruptions; maybe longer.


    I know lots of guys that are rocket fast at paperwork. Making the QA guys earn their wages and easy targets for transport audits. I would spend almost as long in fixing fast paperwork as the guy did doing it.


    My opinion.

  2. Hey Guys, just wondering if anyone knew where to get the flexible vinyl tape that can be used to adhere to a painted surface and then be removed (ie geophysics wiring to the belly etc) I found the 3m stuff but looks like 35 bucks a roll.


    Any help would be appreciated,




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