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  1. Saw a recent post on mountain flying..... Thought there might be a few folks on here that might be willing to share some tips, tricks, lessons etc regarding heli skiing and winter mountain ops in general...


    Try and avoid the condescending responses and pass some relevant hands on info along that might help a less experienced guy out down the road!


    Appreciate it!

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  2. Well glad we have that all cleared up! Now back to my original question since I do have the prerequisites of a mountain course and long line experience.... Does anyone have any advise or tricks or any stories regarding the issue that might help further everyone's knowledge base? As OTR mentioned "there were a lot of great aviators whom paid the price so the rest of us "nogs" could learn and survive." Never hurts to share some experience ( thanks pilot5 for providing some relevant personal experiences to the thread) and the worlds a lot nicer when we all get along...Cheers and hope to hear from you folks

  3. Has anyone bought the avmap? How's the topo compared to garmin models when you zoom in for details? The avmap geopilot 2 looks pretty decent for the price.. It's either that or the 500 series from garmin... Any suggestions? Garmin 296 are impossible to find and the 96c doesn't do it for me

  4. Hey folks,


    Recently came across a possible job opportunity down under. The CP over there is looking for some info to help out his decision on bringing a Canadian over. Anyone know about length of the Visa? From what I gather its a 12 month visa with a possible 12 month extension for work if sponsored by a company. Canadian licenses are accepted over on that side of the pond after you write ( and pass hopefully) the Oz air law exam? All info or experiences on the issue would be greatly appreciated and hopefully this thread gets some more responses then what jackets people are wearing! Cheers everyone!

  5. ground work has its places for sure...getting comfortable around the machine(s)...asking questions...fixing ops gear...learning the companies biz..etc....had a few bumps along the road but take what you've learned and put it towards the next opporuntity...worked for me and only getting better...under a year in and good chance of ppc comming around the corner...best of luck for anyone out there and keep in mind there are very few places that treat you well, pay decent, dont expect 16 hour days and still can get you going...

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