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  1. Yes condolences to the family and friends, sad day again. darn


    Now lets get this thing on the right track. Yes this accident happenned in Chile, the Company name is Helican and belongs to Heli-Inter in Montreal.


    The accident is not crop dusting related, it happenned in the Atacama desert. They don't know much about what happenned yet.


    Aircraft was a Astar 350.


    Name is Alexandre Remon



    Below is the link to the local news (spanish) it will load but be patient









    Very sad news,


    I knew Alex a little having brief chats with him at the hangar, he was a really nice guy and everyone seemed to like him as well. All I can do is offer my sincerest of condolences to his friends and family.



  2. 1970 flash back of the huge gulf oil spill.




    Nothing will change, America needs money and jobs.



    Indeed. One would think that they would learn from their mistakes but I guess the all mighty dollar rules once again. The moratorium was three months late, and has been overturned this last week by a Louisiana judge.


    Kinda makes you wonder if it's worth having children sometimes.

  3. I had this happen to me while greasing a 205 scissor link. The only thing is that the spring came out of the fitting and ended up in the grease. I had to clean out the grease and look carefully for the spring in the bearing area. Make sure your fitting still has the spring inside.

  4. Well, based on what I've heard abaout this aircraft, the only thing in common with a longranger is the familliar Bell lines. It's supposed to have an open cabin with a flat floor and based on the pictures that I've posted earlier, the tailboom looks alot beefier than that of a longranger. Also, the tail rotor blades look nothing like those of a 206. I wouldn't be so quick at dissing this machine.

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