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  1. Also at HAI in Atlanta. I took it a few years, learnt a few things for sure. But it's pricey for what you get out of it. Cheers and good luck!
  2. The R22 was never designed with training in mind. It was built for personal transport use only. Why is it so popular at FTU's? Cost of course. As long as it continues to be used for training there will always be accidents. The "T" style cyclic set up when duals installed is far less than ideal for training/transfer of control and follow through techniques. I read somewhere once, that one has roughly 0.9 of a second to reduce to flat pitch post engine failure before potential catastrophic NR decay occurs. Just ask any instructor how much they enjoy doing autos in an R22....? Wrong aircraft for
  3. Sorry, no copies as they just showed me them on their iphone.......
  4. When I used to leave a machine overnight in a remote "unsecured location" I would always carry some simple every day magic tape (the opaque stuff that goes on clear when applied) I would use it on doors, gas cap and engine cowls. You could at least tell if something was opened so you could have a more thorough look if required. The worst incident I remember was back in my early days flying sight seeing tours at fairs in a long ranger where we slept right beside the machine in campers. Later the next day two passengers (female) showed me naked pictures of themselves sitting on the dog hous
  5. There have been several times that I wished my machine had a "horn" or PA to warn someone. As goofy as it sounds, there have been many times it would have been super handy to get someone's immediate attention!
  6. Where I work it's a little different as the person writing the cheque is the public (or Government) and it happens to be a world class training facility. All emergencies here are done to touch down/full on. That includes stuck pedals, left/right or neutral, hydraulics off to landing, hover and taxi engine failures and auto's to touch down. we do straight ahead, 180's, 360's zero speed, range variations and low level from 250' both turning and straight. I even got to do a couple form skids clear of ground ( maybe a meter or so...) at 100 kts! to full on touch down ( I didn't even know it was po
  7. I honestly think that the Canadian industry as a hole is in the dark ages when it comes to both pay and what is expected from us or what has become the norm in Canada. I work with a bunch of guys that now have permanent residency but come from the same industry just different parts of the world. They are in complete awe when it come to bush work in Canada and what is expected or the norm and when they see the pay involved they just roll their eyes. Now, most of these guys are very high time qualified IFR multi engine, off shore, actual IMC , testing officer, instructor and military background
  8. There was a good artical last week on Vertical Mag on exactly this topic. Worth a read.
  9. I too had a similar experience to "Skidz" On a ferry flight to our next gig in an L1 around 8 years ago. Two on board, me (low time guy) in the right seat another higher time guy in the left. Thing was no dual controls. It was getting late, it was raining and we were GPS scud running maybe 75 to 100' above trees (ceiling was another 200' above but vis was better where we were). Stupidity (one of them anyway...) was.... the terrain ahead was (as Skidz scenario) rising and we were balls to the wall trying to make skids down before dark. Flew right into the goo! Complete loss of reference...... g
  10. Me too please! If one surfaces I been more than willing to have copies made for others.
  11. If the first point of contact is properly managed or under control (level attitude)......... tings tend to work out for the best. I'd take the trees 'cause I don't know too many places in the Great White North where the water doesn't offer some kind of gasp reflex....regardless the time of year. 2cents
  12. Too true...... I am in a similar situation. A Canadian Pilot at a very specialized position here in Canada finding out there is going to be a contract change and foreign Pilots will be replacing us as the only $$ available to continue the program needs to come from another source......a foreign exchange program..... or as I would say another pocket of $$...... bloody government contracts!!! What am I doing about it......, writing my MP...... may or may not help but it's all I can honestly do unfortunately.
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