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  1. If you want the truth, look in an "airbus" POH, as it will do exactly what it says on the "tin". Unlike the Bell product.
  2. So who do you work for ? I bet I know, being right,, isn't always being "right", and wonder what the future holds for you sir. Any good at carpentry?.
  3. As Kief says,, Chinook, every time ,, you can try the others,, and you will find out the expensive way likely,, as at some point you will be asked, "so new guy/girl, where did you do your training, and who with" and the Chinook answer, will get the door open, if you apply yourself in the training section there,, you will find everyone will rally and get you to where you need to be , like any other professional organization, they are awesome at finding out, "who" really wants to be flying. The best, Period. ps,, When the certain lady that owns that place, gets called by foreign Governments for flight training, and advice, what does that tell you? Hope this Helps. Regards
  4. There's clearly a resume on his desk, that "fits" the advert placed. Therefor the advertising requirements are "met" for that part of the exercise , and anyone thinking otherwise, I would bet a dollar, are wrong, Maybe , but I don't think so. Unfortunately this is systemic in the industry,, especially when you find yourself anywhere near oil and gas, I am happy too see "competency" based logic is starting to filter through, with forestry, and a few others, but as long as Chevron TCPL, and the rest require 1500hrs PIC to land on a 60mx 60m lease site things are likely to stay the same. How on earth do you expect people to advance. Therefor, you begin too see the "tail" wagging the "dog", and I am pretty sure its supposed to be the other way about.
  5. I agree with helicanada and if your dash space allows,, just put in the pop out hard case,, and Velcro that to the dash,, easy,, and with the power supply just there ,, away you go, !!!. Garmin are loosing market share hand over fist,, as doing what blackberry did,,, sitting back and enjoying what they have ,, whilst all the competitors whizzzzzz on by. Not a fan of apple either,, but you have to agree,, it does what it says on the tin!. (foreflight too, come to that)
  6. Give me a shout if you like,, been flying about here a lot over the past few years, and got some fuel stops ( private cache)for you to programme in just in case, and some view spots for you, Weather,, is the one bit of advice I would get you to pay some extra attn. to, sounds like a good trip, and agree with the advice about fishing,, there are some absurdly good spots to camp, and do a bit of fishing.
  7. I agree with pilot5, keep going sir, it will be worth it in the end, its tough at the beginning, but with an attitude like that,, you will be just fine, Good luck.
  8. Hello there ,, I am not a big user of this forum, but here goes the cat,, and we will see how the pigeons make out. I am a professional pilot here in Canada, in a position to employ other pilots, and therefor see a multitude of resumes, my problem arises when I see 20 guys, and 3 of them are Canadian, the rest of the guys and girls on work visas of one shape or the other, willing to do what it takes in the industry to get ahead and generally qualified up the ying yang to do just that,,, now if this means returning to NZ, or anywhere else come to that after a few years,, so be it. A business will inherently use the road with the least path of resistance, it doesn't matter what colour, shape, size or language it is!. And the low maintenance people , will always be ahead of the game as far as employment goes, I quote a line from a resume I have here in front of me. " I am interested in flying with your company, on a 2 on and 2 off basis, and can negotiate my travel costs for positioning", He has 403 hrs!. I plastic coated his resume, and sent it too his flight school, his instructor laughed, and is used in training for others. oh and it started,, to whom it may concern, !!!!!. My experience tells me that the majority of these pilots actually want to stay here in Canada,, for an extended time, and have the work ethic to do excellent, where as it seems that the average Canadian pilot does behave a little different outlook on things at times, now I am all for a decent wage for a professional service, but have to ask myself, why is this the case?. I consider myself Canadian, and actually would much prefer to hire Canadian personnel,( as its the "right" thing to do, right?) so feel for you and your opinions jetboxjockey , I hold dual citizenship by the way and no, not originally from Canada. Immigration,, does not water down Canada,, it strengthens it from within, with the right people being accepted to work, study, and reside here, this I am sure most people will agree with, the issue comes when the "wrong" people are permitted access to a wonderful country like Canada. Further to this,, I do believe there are quite a few Canadians in the sand pit, as well as sitting in the front of a 139 going forward and backward from many oilrigs all over the planet,,, why?, because we are good at it. ok,, now press "enter" and wait. ps,
  9. Hello. I was the pilot with kief that day and agree with him. The weather was atrocious and a challenging day for us all. My respect to kief after a difficult hike to the scene and the subsequent discovery of 3 persons . The resulting commendations from the RCC was small comfort but did indeed verify that the WRH crew of Kief and myself made the correct decisions in conjunction with the SAR crews on that fateful day. The pilot on the day was a close friend of the owner at White River and known well to me . My continued condolences. Andy.
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