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  1. Hybrid, They could have, I don't know, just being cheap. (customer is one of the wealthiest people in Canada, I now know why!!)I have 2 wall tents and heaters etc. at home, we just didn't know when we headed north. Next time, we will travel complete! Good flying job though, many days of pure wet misery with a few unbelievable nice weather days in the Yukon that made it all worth while. Dawson city is very cool place too! I would do it again in a minute, but will bring my own tent. B.M.
  2. Hybrid, The pup tent did suck, and you probably do know the client, there is only one like him that I know of! As for the employer, he was in the next tent over, for the full 2 months (less some mandatory days of) There were several other companies ready to jump on this contract if we decided to leave,(and no, our rates and minimums were not in the toilet) food was excellent, second pilot was happy to make $1000. plus per day on the worst fire season in B.C. history. He was welcome to leave anytime, if he wanted to, but is still with us today, flying a nice new 407.
  3. The day helicopter pilots are unionized is the day I sell out and leave the country, I can also speak for some of the other small companies. If you are doing a good job, you don't need one! I spent 2 months in a pup tent in the Yukon a couple years ago, just had to suck it up as there were no fires in B.C. that summer. Still met the payroll,had our pilot quit mid contract, (after 16 days flying on the job) he didn't like the pup tent, paid him 2 weeks severance pay, holiday pay, picked up another good pilot who is still with us. Jim, you have good attitude, keep it up, hope to see you here nex
  4. Zishelix, That is HF or Single Sideband antenna base. I bought a Sun Air HF radio and antenna from Ron Jeffrey from Finning's Gazelle in 1979, installed it on our Bell 47G3B1, C-FWBK (old Transwest 1965 Ltd. heli)I had a double whip on the end, 2- 16 inch or so whips pointing 10:00 and 2:00. 4.441 MHZ was standard GSC frequency, ours was 4.455 MHZ. I remember talking to a buddy in a cargo DC 8 over Iceland from our Bell 47 when we were flying around one day. 4681 was Bob Holt frequency I think (Cariboo Chilcotin Helicopters) Faye was on the radio all the time for check ins when no one was
  5. Thirsty Bob was a great fellow, we had him up here helping us on a drill job in the Chilcotin, early 1980's. Between him and Bob Holt, you couldn't get any better entertainment! (unless Transport Canada inspectors entered the room!!)
  6. Old school dead, no more Bush Pilots??? I am still here, still flying steady for 35 years now, just have a bigger drawer full of paperwork!! Landing at 12,000 feet on a hot windy day is still the same as it was 35 years ago, just have a little more horsepower now. No manuals to read or exams to pass on final approach up there!
  7. People might want to wait for a better flying year before any of this is brought up, or there may be allot of unemployed pilots. Maybe the overseas pilots were busy, but I don't hear of any overworked pilots in Canada this summer. Lots of pilot applications for work though! You going to HAC this nov. Jim? B.M.
  8. I had a good one, medevac at Taseko Lake, patient was going to throw a stick of dynamite at back of the out house to scare his buddy, due to excess tequila consumption (10:00 am) he held the stick too long. Blew his hand and face off. We showed up with kids and a wailing woman running to the Jetranger (low gear) hands in the air, I jumped out and tackled the woman knocked her to the ground. Would have been 3 hands laying on the ground after this episode. (one was in miniature pieces) Sherwood was the dynamite dummies name, several jokes came from this, "Sherwood like to have my hand back!!" Th
  9. Thanks guys, main thing was the Chief Pilot part and setting up the ride before heading south to warmer climates for a bit. Just a coordination issue, nothing Uisdean cannot fix!! B.M.
  10. Anyone know the status of PPC and PCC, or what is coming down the pipe? I have a couple questions, 1) Does the Chief Pilot have to do a PPC ride with Transport Canada designated examiner, or can he appoint a company pilot, and have him do all the rides for their staff pilots, including the Chief Pilot himself. If so, can he be a summer contract pilot. 2) If the new rules come into place, or are they changing to PPC only, can you do PPC on each other within the company, if your PPC is still valid from last year, or still need Transport Canada designated examiner? 3) Any changes wit
  11. By the way guys, the ice core sat in our freezer for 4 months before we used it. I agree, the drinking and flying should never be mixed, this should be obvious, we are just having a bit of fun.
  12. gwk, The Dalwhinney is excellent, don't have much time for the blended ones, too boring, however in a pinch, they pull through! I meant "girly Scotch" as it seems easier to convince the ladies for a drink of this, over the smokey Lagavulin and such! I remember the K2 shoot well, spending the night on the glacier with 2 Canadian 212's and my Jetranger engine full of ice. Thankful that wardrobe fellow, flaming Keith lended me his hair dryer to thaw the engine out. (with no consequences) Had to dig a hole in the snow for the tail rotor to spin in. Won't do that again!! All still looks the sam
  13. Ben, You are right, I had a rescue for a "last lift" for a 212 rollover on our heliski tenure. Text book example, all turned out O.K. all safe at home by the end of the day.
  14. Whisky, Can't remember the silt, just the bubbles. We must have drank too fast! The University guys were checking volcanic ash and pollen from years ago, I guess we just got pollenated, and vulcanized. I found that when drinking glacier water or ice, make sure the out house is near by!! B.M.
  15. Good one 3BX2, I don't have too much heliski experience, but have 35 years flying in the mountains, summer and winter, and picked up a few pointers from your post. We also signed up all our (3) pilots for the mountain flying course in H.A.I. next month. You never know when someone comes up with a better way to do something.
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