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  1. Hello All, Just wanted to say that all response's sound good. As Helilog said, my experience on Crane, That was not an issue, maybe on the back burner yes. But my experience on 214B, one year during yearly recurrunt training, we played with maxium rate of climbs, up a slope simulating a heli-logging turn. power was rolled off, yes there was a big decay, but I learned was that was key was , turning left was your friend. we actually spent about 45 mins playing with this.
  2. All info is good, but I agree with Heli-Jimmy,....... you can always go home. It helps if possible to get a cheap sleeping bag & pillow from Walmart and leave in machine. Hard to do though in a Jet-box. Happy camping
  3. I think something to think about is the basic question,...... positions for low time pilots. I'm sorry, I'm all for every one to fill a seat and be on their happy helicopter way. But 2 years ago, I did witness a certain operator that had a solid low time foreign pilot roster will many the same homegrown boy's weren't there. I found all because the good ole $$$$$ factor. Shame......Shame
  4. I got laided off 2 months ago from cac. No notice, nothing, punted to the curb. So i know how you feel. hang in there
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