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  1. Hey StickJiggler: Didn't mean to exclude the mountain rescue guys...good point you made. LR: I think you missed my point: No-one on this board has revealed that he/she has intimate knowledge of the situation that day. One man's snowstorm might be another's "flurries".... as the rescue was successful, one might infer that he made all the right decisions. My purpose was to opine that most of us are ill-equipped for these types of missions; and that risk management demands that we consider the potential pitfalls of our decisions. I don't run to the helicopter when the EMS dispatch
  2. Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee a tous. Happy Christmas to all and a safe holiday season. May 2004 see a thriving new Helicopter Association....
  3. re Cpl Jennings... A fine line indeed. As an EMS pilot, I often have discussions with some of my co-workers regarding our role... ... but I think it important to note: The Canadian military and the Coast Guard are probable the only RESCUE pilots in the country..for the rest of us, do the math: Don't risk 3 lives to maybe save one. Walter
  4. PLease, gentlemen and ladies, I think that it is time to breath deeply 10 times and take a break. Let us keep up the banter without personalizing too much. It is great to see such passion; can we not try to convert this energy into action, for the good of all concerned? Cheers for now.
  5. I think that it is time for a magazine to do a layout dealing with the Human Resource and Canada Labour Code issues that dog our industry. How pilots get paid, abuse of "banked time" by companies, stat and holiday pay. Management pressures to fly past CAR's limits...in effect, a "b@llsy" article about the nastier side of the industry and the types of things that employers do to nickle and dime their employees (pilots and AME's). So there... :hide:
  6. I have decided to "uncloak" and add my real voice and real name to this debate. I am all for an Association of Professional Helicopter Aviators: Pilots, Engineers, Managers, Owners. I realize that the owners have their own gig (the HAC) and various groups of engineers have their turf staked out (ie Atlantic Association of AME). So, let's make it happen for the pilots. Let's be inclusive, not exclusive. Let's be transparent and open. Let's make it about championing the Canadian Industry. Let's make it about Safety, Fairness, Professional behaviour, Obeying the law (CARs, Labour code, OH&
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