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  1. One of the issue I observed was the hardware/fasteners used to assemble the helmet. Out of the six, none had matching fasteners. Some of them was protruding thru the teflon locking nuts as much as 1/4 inch creating a safety concern since it was protruding on the inside of the helmet. Secondly, the visor. The inside visor in a duel visor setup was contacting the rubber trim that is glued to the edge of the helmet. Therefore scratching the visor, this was found on the 3 out of the 6. Hope the last makes sense. Good luck!
  2. I wouldn't waste my time with these helmets, the coast guard purchased a huge number of these for there technicians. They had to be returned 3 times for the wrong impedance and aircraft compatibility. Also, I had the opportunity to inspect 6 of the helmets and all had poor craftsmanship and quality.
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