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  1. in Jaa land we have strong rules and for this reason we fly lots twin helicopters. Right now I am working for fires...not flying like a fridge... Right for economy crisis the companies are losing contracts and I don't know what happen but I think should be possible to get a job.
  2. Thanks very much for your reply. Here in europe we have the same problems with young and lower time pilots, I thinks it's the same around the work right now... I don't understand why people have problem with foreign pilots, in Europe all years I work with foreign pilots and we are one team.. Maybe this times it's not easy to try to move overseas.
  3. I'm 1800 air time, more than 1500 PIC, and more 700 twin helicopters.
  4. Dear Colleges, I am a european Pilot who are thinking to come to canada to get a Canadian License soonly. I have more than 1800 hours rated in Bell 412/212, Bell 206 and other light helicopter. I would like to know about canadian market and future oportunities to get a working visa becuase I wouldn't like to expende my money and don't get a valid working visa. Is Canadian working visa as dificult as american Visa? Thanks for your help!
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