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  1. Wayne was a Special. Randy was an Inspector, but as his death was not in the line of duty, he's not on the Wall, but may be in the Regina cemetery, which is well taken care of.
  2. "23418 former RCMP Cst David Donald WILLIAMSON died Oct 5, 2009 in St Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg. He served from 1964 to 1966 in 'D' Div (Manitoba). He then went on to be a helicopter pilot from 1968 to 2008 including time in Viet Nam." Jack White
  3. Relatively easy (after you've done it once) with the right size hex wrench & screwdriver. PM me with the type of visor (standard or nvg) if you need a hand. The instruction manual has a parts page which shows what has to be taken off. Without the outer visor you get a good inch or more of headroom for long-lining.
  4. You can get an in-line volume control (separate cord between the ship plug and the helmet). This is better than wired into the helmet, so that if the volume control starts to go, just unplug it vs. causing the helmet to go u/s. Merit Apparel sells them.
  5. I'm repeating myself on the other helmet post, but I have had the exact same response & service as scubasteve with Merit. Highly recommend them & the CGF.
  6. I'll second that again, Merit provides exceptional service and the helmet came as ordered, on time, no glitches & very comfortable.
  7. Gallets available thru US distributor, Merit Apparel Co, 1755 Commerce Ave, Vero Beach, FL 32960. Contact is Bob (HAMKLH@aol.com) 772-563-2575. They give great service, on time and no glitches. Get the Oregon Aero hush kit and liner installed when you order. Dual visor version will run close to $2,000 though, but is very comfortable.
  8. There actually is a one handed heli-ski guide out there due to a mistake he made with the rotors. Can happen to experienced professionals as well. Another sad story is the pilot who was loading cargo with the blades turning and the rotor disc tilted forward slightly and killed him. Always look up and watch the blades whenever you are under them and when embarking or disembarking pax, get ready to pull pitch , in case they are about to do something stupid.
  9. Flight Duty XLS works well for keeping track of duty times etc on a computer. A palm version Log book I use is: PalmLogPro Palmlogpro It is easily configured to use for any type of aircraft including helicopters, with numerous user fields to keep track of most any type of flying (night, long-lining, siesmic etc). No glitches and you can download a trial version to see if it works for you.
  10. Cap, best I could find was under "hygiene", no mention of "bathroom or washroom" etc. Here's a nice touch for the air tanker crews: And here are a few meal rules for the "flight crews":
  11. Out of the 2005 AFS Pilot Handbook......
  12. Deep Throat sort of it the nail on the head Ryan. The way I have seen it, for the average pilot or pilot to be, HAC - Heli-Expo is great way to see new technology, helmets, helicopters etc aimed at pilots, engineers and owners, but, with minimal chance for snagging a job, whereas HAC has some technology/displays, but almost all aimed at owners and most owners/Ops Mgrs/CP's that attend are interested in networking with themselves (I'm being politically correct here) and low time pilots lobbying for jobs will be seen as a nuisance to many. The mining show in Vancouver (Cordillera Round-Up),
  13. Ryan, take the course when you can - its very good and could be life-saving, on lots of jobs aside from coastal flying - bucketing etc.. I took the course in Halifax quite a few years ago with a subsequent refresher. Heard the BC course is very good.
  14. can't add much else other than the power loss affected both engines - engineer said they were still running, but at ground idle.
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