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  1. Interesting comments coolhand. You're obviously privy to some of the details relating to this incident. Even so I don't know that you can definitively say that that aircraft could tower out of that spot unless you were sitting in it??? There are alot of variables to throw into the equation that for whatever reason may have mean't they couldn't. Just because a graph says you can HOGE under certain conditions doesn't mean it will actually do it! The performance graphs for the A model operating in temps of +25 aren't worth the paper they are written on. Yes, helicopters are very versatile and can be used in a whole host of roles as you mentioned. The 76 was also used in the Antarctic in sub-zero temps slinging all kinds of loads. All good and well however some types are better suited to certain types of work. I don't dislike the 76 however it has it place and putting one into a confined area wouldn't be at the top of my things to do list! An A model in particular.
  2. Not an unrealistic comparison P5. I'm not sure about a straight A model however the A+ with Arriel 1S1 engines gives 650bhp/engine. The C++ with 2S2 engines gives 1032bhp/engine! In essence you're getting an extra 30% power for around a 5% increase in ZFW. A big difference and very much like comparing a 206 to a B3. Put simply one will tower out of a confined area with a decent load while the other won't. So yes a C model would have made a huge difference in the crews options given this scenario. Dissapponting to see this thread going pear shaped. I would have thought there were a **** of alot to discuss & learn from this incident. I'm certainly interested to know why in a place like BC where the possibilty of confined area/mountainous/difficult landings would be pretty high they chose to operate 76's? Ontario l can understand.
  3. We use the rotor brake on every 76 shutdown. It's there to be used and when used correctly won't put an unnecessary strain on the head. The general idea being why have the blades turning longer than is necessary with people around, particularly in strong winds when bladesailing is a factor. The 76 has the mainrotor tilted 5 degrees forwards so the blades at the nose are around head height at the best of times. In strong winds they typically sail around waist height! On start the brake can be used for the same reasons, typically for starts in winds above 15 or 20 knots. I'm not sure what you mean with regards to offshore ops Gary? All our pax are loaded/unloaded rotors running, typically at 100%Nr or higher as the case may be with the C++(107%). This is for a number of reasons not least of which l mentioned earlier, bladesailing! The only time we would shutdown on deck is if the client needed an extended time on deck or we had some kind of problem requiring a shutdown. As for the HJ incident, well if it were a 2 crew operation then they have some serious CRM issues. If the handling pilots take-off brief (assuming they do them?) mentioned pulling into a hover followed by a left pedal turn then some pretty serious alarm bells would be ringing. Were it a single pilot op then you would have to question the pilots experience in confined areas. Yes, #### happens however some fundamental mistakes were made there that simply shouldn't have. For a medivac machine, scary stuff!
  4. Wonderful posts HF/P5. Alittle self-indulgent and hypocrytical perhaps but why let the facts get in the way of a good story. Where is it you are working these days? Still having a long loud chuckle re that!!! As for any changes to CIC policy that you seem to have single handedly changed l would hesitate to guess that they more closely reflect the current state of the industry in Canada. CIC are well within their rights to protect Canadian workers in such times and so they should. In 2002 following the Sept 11 attacks they made it almost impossible to obtain a foreign work visa. A knee jerk reaction perhaps however they deemed it necessary, apparently all foreign pilots were potential terrorists at the time. That season as you may remember HF/P5 was one of the busiest in the past decade. The company l eventually worked for had the General Manager flying they were so short of pilots. Did it elevate all the hangar rats to flying status. Well no! I think you'll find that many companies had aircraft sitting idle that year and the few busy years that followed simply because they couldn't find enough 'experienced' pilots. Demand and supply, you should look into it!
  5. http://www.cootamundraherald.com.au/news/local/news/general/water-bombing-helicopter-stationed-in-cootamundra/2008803.aspx?src=email
  6. Whichever way you decide to roll I'd suggest taking a HUET course before flying over any water. Best investment you'll make aside from your helmet!
  7. Fair point Jimmy however l don't think anyone here is suggesting they'd like to see anything like the kind of devastation that occured this past summer in Australia. Fires are a natural phenomenon (apart from the odd few!) and although it may be hoped for a good fire season no one wants to see the lose of property and/or life. Remember these guys are putting their lives on the line to prevent such occurences!
  8. Rumour has it Cougar have invested in an offshore contract on Australia's west coast. No idea what that means in terms of aircraft requirements, crew numbers, etc or whether it is in fact just a rumour? Anyone care to shed some light?
  9. Apologies for the additional 'happy' fellas. Mine was merely a mock response to the challenged posts of Happyfeet and Happyguy. Seemed just alittle ironic to me that a couple of so called 'happy' members could be so bitter and twisted. If Happyguy gets back on telling us he's just had a conference call with the Prime Minister then any suspicion will be put to rest! Followed closely by the thread!!!! Happydays.....you bet!
  10. Thanks for clearing that up Ned. You'll find happy that Bristow Australia have around 20 or 30 Kiwis and Poms plus a handful of other nationalities working for them. You really are clutching at straws now aren't you! Like getting a whole bunch of rejections from companies in Australia is going to prove something. We are talking about 'seasonal work' in Canada that in years gone by has required a varying number of 'experienced' foreign pilots to fill a gap. Sorry, but any number of 'inexperienced' 150hr Canadian pilots aren't going to help when the mins to work in the patch for example are 1000+hrs. Demand & supply! It's not too hard to understand is it? Happydays.....you bet!
  11. And I'm the delusional one happyfeet? Why do you think that I'm 'not happy' about what 'might' be happening? Getting alittle ahead of yourself aren't you? As I've said 3 times now, I'm in favour of a reduction in work permits. I expect it to happen given the times. And where exactly have I been 'blurting out profanity'? According to you it has something to do with my career.......have you not taken your medication or something? What really annoys me and the reason for bothering to even respond to the rubbish being posted by you and a few others is the total misrepresentation of foreign pilots flying in your country. If you have a gripe with one or two of the smaller operators abusing the system then take it up with them. The 'majority' of foreign pilots work for larger companies such as CHC, VIH, Airborne, Great Slave, Gemini, etc that traditionally have a greater demand for 'experienced' pilots. These companies; PAY foreign pilots EXACTLY the same wages as Canadian pilots. DO NOT give foreign pilots some mythical tax break. We don't want to mislead readers for the sake of a good story now do we happy? Good luck with the job hunting. You're going to need it mate! Happydays.....you bet!
  12. One word just keeps springing to mind happyfeet...........HYPOCRITE! Tell me, did the 'directors' think it just alittle odd that you were calling from the UAE? Your place of employment! Or did you forget to mention that small bit of information? As I've already said in a previous post I have nothing wrong with the number of work permits issued being reduced given the current economic climate. I DON'T agree that they should stop altogether for reasons pointed out earlier! I'm sure the 'directors' got an up to date well informed and unbiased picture of the situation in Canada..........NOT! Particularly if your attempt at validating your argument yesterday was any indication. Your views are laughable at best, quite obviously you know nothing about the industry in Australia and very little about what takes place with the 'majority' of foreign pilots working in Canada. Happydays.....you bet!
  13. Wouldn't worry Scuba, given happyfeets logic he'll be bringing a petition out banning ALL four letter words!!!!!!!! Talking of the petition it's really gathering steam now! 24 and counting! We have 4 confirmed experienced pilots out of work. One claiming there are 'no positions'........did anyone tell him it's the middle of winter over there???? We have 3 probables thanks to happyfeet. Can that be believed? We have a bunch of low time guys looking for a break.........expected! Atleast they weren't affraid to add their names! And a swag of annonymous people who couldn't even manage a comment! Mmmmm Happydays.....you bet!
  14. Ah happyfeet that was brilliant. You really should have stuck to the cutting & pasting and slagging people off. Therein lies a talent! As for your petition, well things seem to have stalled a wee bit so I added my name and took the liberty of suming up your argument. Hope you like it!! Always happy to help out a fellow aviator who's lost his way! Oh and about your friend who lost his job to a kiwi. The one who set you off on your crusade! Would it have made life easier if he'd lost his job to a 'young canadian guy with almost no responsibility'? You might want to redirect your anger at his employer and word your little petition accordingly! Feel free to pass on his contact details. If he's the kind of pilot that doesn't require that glance in the mirror then I'll be telling him given the attitude of his employer they have done him a huge favour! Move on and find a decent company to work for. If on the other hand he's one of those pilots that believes he has a god given right to a job based solely on his experience and/or nationality........tough luck! Happydays....you bet!
  15. Short in a number of areas! If you read my post happy you may notice that I said a 'good number' not 'all' experienced pilots without jobs could use a look in the mirror. Subtle difference to what you're trying to portray. Merely commenting on a percentage of the workforce that an employer may wish to overlook (irrespective of nationality) for reasons you are displaying beautifully. P.S. I am home happy. Apparently you're the one who isn't, take a look outside! Happydays.....you bet!
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