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  1. For sure don't sign anything. And do not expect to receive what is owed you.
  2. I worked there two weeks. I oinly stayed that long till I landed another job. Ten years later and I still didn't get paid.
  3. Thats Sad news. I worked five years of and on with Ray at Custom. Nice guy Ray.
  4. Thanks alot guys, very helpfull info. Dave
  5. Hi All, I have to do a ferry(Helicopter)flight from eastern Canada to southern U.S. I have a number of years and hours behind me but never flew in the U.S. I was just wandering if there were any usefull pointers someone might pass on. Thanks, DSD
  6. Hey South, Joe B is ok, I spoke with his family. Thats all I know, God Bless.
  7. I don't believe we in our industry can be compared to the auto industry. They wouldn't know what happened to them if they had to leave there familes and live in a tent for 4 to 6 weeks. I believe a pay cut sucks.
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