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  1. Great idea! Most of the camps I've been to have a cook, cable, showers, washers, etc. but not necessarily cell service or decent internet (some have facebook and other necessary sites blocked). But these are all private oil and gas camps, so I'm not sure how they would compare to other types of camps (although I used to treeplant and these camps are NOTHING like the old treeplanting tent camps!).
  2. CBC is saying there are over 400 active wildfires in BC now (http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/08/03/bc-wildfires.html). Just a few days ago it was saying 300. A few days ago the weather was great, but my visibility was down to about 8 miles in smoky haze until a storm passed through later in the day (I'm in northeastern BC). I haven't heard of any major fires around here lately, but that smoke was sure covering a large area.
  3. Haha! I've told people that's where I got my license. That and "I've never actually flown a helicopter, but don't worry, I've played ALL the video games.".
  4. I trained at BC Helicopters with Rob Dyck in 2005. I did an R-22 endorsement (and recurrent) with Gregg Sanders at Tech Helicopters and have also done a bit of training with both Jim Hoffland and Marty Charbonneau through work. I would think that you would still be able to write off a commercial license, even if it's not from an accredited school. But you need to have all the money to do the training without any government student loans/grants. When I trained there were only 3 schools in BC that were accredited.
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