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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any info on weather or not you can mix Aeroshell 41 hydrualic fluid, with Royco 756? they are both Mil spec Mil-PRF-5606H and NATO H-515 certified, but can you directly mix them, or do you need to flush the system before switching between the two manufacturers? Our stores Dept, ordered more HYd fluid, was supposed to be Aeroshell 41 and we got sent the royco, just wondering if we can use it or have to send it back. thanks.
  2. Thanks for all the info everyone! I did just come accross this MPL as well, and it clearly states what qualify's and what doesnt. But to comment on a few of the other posts, Yes I agree the DOM can't be a puppet, I've seen that before and it's never good, even for the owners or OPS managers, they think they're getting what they want, but in the end when the fines start getting passed around, thats' not what they want. As far as the experience goes, I agree its definetly a subjective thing, which is the reason for the in person interview so that transport can get a feel for the knowlege level of that induvidual, not just what looks good on paper. 6 years for some people is not enough time, for others its plenty, and of course size of the company plays a huge role. Thanks again for the takin the time to throw your feedback out there guys!
  3. Just a quick question out there. CAR's states that a DOM/PRM must have minumum 6 years experience in the performance or direct supervision of maintenance. It does not state that the person must hold a valid AME license, or endorsements on the AC being maintained. Simply that they have experience doing or supervising that maintenance. So what qualify's for the experience, would taking your apprenticeship tech school, in which they credit you 18 months towards your license count as part of that 6 years experience? What counts and What doesnt?
  4. Ya, pretty sure you're who I think you are too, Muwaa-ha ha!
  5. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone out there has any time on the BO105 ? what are the tough points to working on them, whats good, would you do it again, or stay away?
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