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  1. Man you better do some Regulation searching there boys... CARs 600 is for General Aviation, I don't think GS Operates under Part 600 of the CARs I would believe they are a 702/703 Operator Unless your a private operator you and your OC must operate under that part of the CARs... Nothing states you can go charging into a built up area with a class b load!!!! I see enforcement coming! Great try though!
  2. Hmmm. Which part of the CARs allows this type of activity? Nothing under 702/703! Working in a built up area below 1000 AGL, Yes with a twin aircraft but probably no aerial work permit from Transport Canada or how did he safety fly the class b load over the built up area?
  3. I think one should welcome a neighbour rather than hang them out to dry! Sometimes neighbours stay, sometimes they move away. Time will tell whether or not they can or will 'survive' the cold jungle here. For the record, not every flight instructor at the Canadian flight schools are high time, highly experienced instuctors with 1000's of hours of field experience. Is this more of a rant that competition moved into town so there is less of a monopoly? If we want to be technical about this maybe we should remind everyone that ALPINE Helicopters is American owned... NAFTA
  4. BCFS, such a good system? Free market? If I remember right BCFS "averages" your mins through your contract period, ASRD pays daily 4 hr mins............. If any company out there is getting better rates than the tarriff rates that ASRD publishes right now, you are doing well!!!
  5. Heard that Gemini's 'for sale' deal went Belly Up!!! Good luck with their ASRD bid rate of $2100/hr for their Bell 205-A++
  6. I believe the probable new owner is a business man from Newfoundland...
  7. So whats your opinion; ASRD publishes rates and mins for all types of aircraft they use. So they feel this is a fair and acceptable rate for the industry, in which an operator can safely operate an aircraft for them. Now, they post these little 50 hour contracts and expect a lowball rate for the same aircraft in which they already have posted a yearly rate for, in reality they have already accepted their posted dollar figure! Now you must non rev ferry to the 'base' location and sit there with no per diems/ hotel or mins???? To make things worse, they now take 'pine beetle' contract
  8. Inve$t into a mountian course or some mountian training... Great comments and sugestions here, but time invested into a course is your best answer.
  9. The 121.5 ELT is 'old' technology. The 406 ELT will cut the search area from 25 sq Kms to around 5 sq Kms. As well they will have a ID tag so the owner/operator can be contacted imediately about the 'distress.' The feed from the 406 ELT will also give a small history burst of info tagged with the signal. I believe it includes a Lat and Long, and heading. The 406's can be checked on 121.5 the same! It's kind of like getting rid of the 8 track stereo from your car!!!
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