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  1. National Helicopters just north of Toronto can do it but only have 206 IFR trainers...
  2. When I'm flying survey lines, music is the only thing to keep the boredom down!
  3. And don't forget that Ontario schools are also now having to fork out bIG $$$ to the Private Career Colleges Act (An excuse for the government to make more money while doing nothing for it!). Volition, you think prices are too high, wait till this little feature kicks in...it will probably put the smaller schools out of business and prevent new competition in the Ontario market. You haven't seen the high prices yet!!!! Anyone thinking of training, START berfore September 2007 or you'll be paying more pre hour!
  4. btw, Quad, I'm sure you realize that Gateway (Canadore) is BY FAR the most expensive school in Canada!
  5. 5 schools in Ontario (in order of size - I think): Gateway National Canadian Silverline Great Lakes If your weight suits it, the R22 is the way to go over the 44...costs a lot less and is basically the same aircraft with less power, 2 less seats and no hydraulics. I don't think it will make you that much more 'hireable'. Still go with the 10 hours turbine at the end. That will make you more attractive for the first job. Goog luck! PM if you want any more scoop on the area schools. ABQ
  6. That's pretty funny Gmach! But you should really put that in the 'Jokes' section!
  7. Show of hands here...how many pilots have found a 5/16th wrench in the engine pan? Maybe we should not go down this particular road as it can only lead to worse comments! DI's are, of course, extremely vital for a pilot to perform. Of course, there will always be the 'guy' who kicks the skids and gets in but I like to think that most of us look carefully at all the important stuff. Aftre all, it's not just you, it's all your passengers too!
  8. Cell Set is the one to get...had it for a few years in all different helis...never had a problem...also great for cd and mp3 players.
  9. Coffeelover...instructing is a great way to make a living year round if you don't like the contract work. There has definitely been a shortage across Canada for the past few years. But, you really gotta like instructing to do it. Having good past flight experience will help any school! :up:
  10. Oh no...not again!!!! Please talk about different aircraft...no nore debates!!!!
  11. OK, but you didn't tell me - do they have the same number of seats?
  12. ya..that'l be great when all the smaller companies simply close their doors and put all their pilots and AME's out of work to start a new non-union company 2 weeks later. Unions will not happen at our companies during our lifetime. Unions are great for the lazys at Ford and GM where they have nothing to lose. And, before you say it, they are paid great..but they are also polishing hoods of cars not flying a helicopter. Sorry for the rant, union issues in past. Never want to be a part of something that takes your voice away and dictates your duties.
  13. Huh? 412...are your playing with me or tell me what the real difference is that would warrant the price difference. They both carry the same amount of passengers right?
  14. Are you serious?!!! Do those 300's really go for that or is that higher than the norm? You can train on an R44 Raven for another $100 per hour. The case is again being made for training on an R22!!! (I just had to stir the s--t!)
  15. Zenny: Can't go wrong with a pair of Sorels...tried, tested and true! They can feel a bit large on the pedals at first but you get used to it and nice to have on during DI's and wobble pump fuelings!!! Sorel I have a pair of the 'Blizzards'. Make sure you also have a great winter hat! Good luck! :up:
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