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  1. Rotor, Thank you and feel free to keep your ear to the ground and let me know if you hear of any course. Regarding competition I totally agree but just wanted did make sure no one felt threatened I was gonna come mow their grass. lol cheers
  2. Just curious if the "Flying in the wires environment" course is still required as a prerequisite to fly for a utility company here in Canada? Anyone know if this course is being held in western Canada this year? I see there is a course at HAI in March but that doesn't help my cause. By the way I work for STARS so I am not your competition and just want to see how we might be able to integrate this training into our world of HEMS. let me know! thank you.
  3. Guys and Gals, FYI Nipawin Saskatchewan now has JET fuel for sale. It is not in the CFS yet but will be in the next revision. For a call out contact the vendor Travis Karle at 306-276-6840 (cell) by phone or text. Travis has made a significant investment so guys lets try to support him when you are passing through. Hotels are also readily available and close to the airport. And yes the pub connected to the hotel has beer and yes if you are in SK you must drink the PILL! Everyone have a safe season.
  4. Hopefully this blog doesnt get as F*&Ked up as much as the one last year. Last year there were a few very immature guys flapping their lips and talking out their a&*. That being said there were a few guys that showed respect. I work at GSHL and simply put we are just another great company trying to get thru a difficult time. As far as the loan from the government, it had nothing to do with native partners. It was as simple as this. There were several institutions willing to lend GSH money to pay back the founder of DA who they fired and the govenment loan was the best interest rate even though it was 10%. Given the times which was right in the middle of the credit crunch the banks were looking for 12 to 15 %. Wouldnt you all take the best rate regardless where you were getting a loan? As far as the head office the ball is rolling slowly and aside from Dave Jenning the President/CEO and maybe his secritary for the most part head office will be YZF by this winter. i dont know where they are going but it is happening. I cant beleive guys on this forum really care about less than 6 people working or not working in YZF. As far as the school goes i think GSH deserves a pat on the back for not ramping up the school in these times. They had the professionalism not to run the school because they knew they were unable to hire lowtime pilots. For the last year they have only been using plus 1000 hours pilots. I guess they could have taken some poor 100 hours pilots money knowing they were not going to have a flying job for them but they didnt. that being said i did hear that one of the engineers was going to do his pilot rating this winter but he has worked here for 3 years or soo and definate has a leg up on the average 100 hour pilot. I guess the last comment of my rant is when it comes right down to it GSH is truely a great company with very good intentions for their people and the well being of the organization. They are not perfect but neither is any company. I hope one of these days this site will return back to a forum where guys share knowledge about flying and how to keep the blue side up instead of bitchin and gossiping like a bunch of kids. by the way, thanks a bunch to all the professional out there that arent trash talking all the time and spend their time boning up on flying instead of gossiping. the end
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