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  1. The successor to Microsoft Flight Sim X is MICROSOFT FLIGHT to be released soon. I am a beta tester of this sim. Check out http://www.microsoft.com/games/flight/
  2. STQ was the first 214ST in Canada... followed by 2 for Okie. Bell gave Quasar's Dan Dunn a super deal that was a lease I believe.
  3. MQN while on a Polar Shelf contract (Ceasar Project) Waaaaaaaaaay north ... 300nm north of Alert on Ellesmere Island on the ice cap... GPS was NOT available back then... 1983... we had a big box called a GNS 500 for navigation... when it worked.
  4. He was Ops Manager for Quasar... Air Force buddy of Dan Dunn... passed away years ago
  5. Yup... Quasar leased HVH from HeliVoyageur... I also flew HVH for Okie in 1986 in Egypt (Red Sea) on contract to PAS (Petroleum Air Services) I wonder where it is now???
  6. Cubs and mother were darted for Canadian Wildlife officers survey. They were measured, tagged and left with sleeping mum until she awakened after 30 minutes...
  7. For your viewing pleasure... some pics from my Quasar days 1981 - 84
  8. Bogdan Dudarewicz joined Okanagan the day after Quasar lost the BeauDril contract in '85. Still with CHC 29 years later. Presently 76ing in Thailand.
  9. Good topic!!! I personally know of a pilot from South Africa who is flying for a Canadian company, living in Canada, NOT PAYING ANY CANADIAN TAXES and to boot.... whining about how the system is better in South Africa!! Does anyone have the number to Immigration Canada????? I am really tempted to turn this one in!!
  10. Thanks for the update from CHL... from what was said, the focus appears to be on the engines... we still have 1 or 2 A's in the fleet so we are keeping tuned to a statement from CHL... or the jungle drums, whichever comes first
  11. ...... so apart from the original statement from CHL Safety.... nothing more has been said as to what actually happened in this accident... I'm sure there are many 76 drivers like myself that are wondering... we can all learn something from this I am sure, so lets have some news from someone out there! geeze!
  12. Since we are posting previous employer logos...... here's one from the past
  13. Man, how quickly time passes!! My first RW job was with them...
  14. wow do u know when this happened?
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