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  1. This was actually done privately and was done after consulting with and getting a go ahead from Transport Canada. There are no CARS about external loads privately. This also had nothing to do with BCH or any promotion attempts. This was just two brothers, both pilots, just wanting to fulfill a dream.
  2. I am just wondering if there is anyone who would be interested in teaching full time ground school in the Fraser Valley?
  3. Rob nailed it, find what is right for you and do your RESEARCH!! Find what aircraft is going to be the safest and what school can do the most for you. Choose a place that is close to the mountains and a school that actually uses them because that is eventually where you want to end up so why not start early.
  4. I trained at BC Helicopters a few years ago with Mark O'brien, awesome school, awesome instructor and I loved the schweizer 300cbi
  5. Hey Dave, 16 is a great time to start thinking of flight training. There really isn't any benefit from having a private fixed wing licence first. My suggestion would be to start saving your money now and do the research of which school you want to go to. My suggestions would be to train at BC Helicopters. They fly the schweizer 300cbi which is a great training helicopter for being in the mountains and preparing you for the world of helicopters. They do extensive mountain work and are like five minutes away from all the rivers, lakes, valleys, and mountains. Check them out and try an intr
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