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  1. Well put Geoff! I think for anyone that has spent time in this industry it is very obvious that we face a broad range of very unique challenges. Coming up with solutions will take input from every aspect of the industry. Time is against us Corey but all we can do is lean into it and come up with some solutions that work for US!! I'm onboard Corey, let me know what I can do to help. You know where I live. Kevin Hogarth
  2. HV, Another one for the books. You must be a magnet for this kind of stuff!!! Woodstock and I are killing ourselves right now. :up: :up: Hogie P.S give me a shout when you get home.
  3. Hey HV, If you weren't such a ham fisted knuckle dragger it would probably help.... I think maybe being away from civilization for so long has given you a funny twitch in your right hand. You remember that place we went to in Abu Dhabi one night months ago???? a quick stop there would probably alleviate your twitch... :up: :up: See you when you get home, keep the shiny side up.
  4. Hey 4961 (A.K.A 11 200) How's the drillin' goin?? heard you're flying lots, hope you're enjoying it.... things are about the same here at the lodge, lots of sunshine and not much snow!!! I'll save an orange whip for ya... see ya soon. Donkey
  5. I think that the biggest thing to remember here guys and gals is that icing is very unpredictable, flying around in any kind of icing is asking for trouble. I've seen it build up very fast on the T/R while there was non on the M/R or fuselage as well as many other combinations and it never seemed to follow any ryme or reason. I always play it safe when it comes to icing, just to many problems that I dont have any control over. My two cents worth. H
  6. 204B Driver, Hey ya old fart.... how's it goin'? Are you staying in the sunny Okanagan for xmas? We should try to get together for a fast one. Anyway take care and happy holidays. Hogie
  7. It looks like the 47 is sitting on a trailer at the Wildcat hanger, not sure what happened to the 206..... maybe they slung it into the Pick-a-part yard out back????
  8. Tugger.... ha, ha, ha... I'd forgotten about that one VR thanks you just made my day!!! :up:
  9. It's already been passed on, I think he likes Guiness...
  10. HV you aren't admitting defeat are you?? This country must be wearing you down.... Well you better make sure Mama has lots of negre in stock for monday night, see ya then. Hey who's that handsome guy in your avitar?? OH OH he's not wearing his shoulder harness!!!!! Bad Kid! :shock: :shock: :up:
  11. Big Duke!!! You know that you can't increase your available torque without changing the airframe ei. transmission,or mast.????? So an engine mod can't really help you all the time. although I'll give you the high and hot senario. We both know that the 205A1++ will do everything the F/M says and more. But the old steam chicken ....... well.... its a fright manual what can I say????? I still think that the old 205,205A1,205A1++,205B,210 will stand the test of time. Although I think that the 210 is still just a wet dream for some of us old farts!! Anyways Its just splitting hairs, and there is so
  12. I'm with HBG on this one. The 205 -17, 212 rotor system(205 A1++) will out perform the 212 every time (unless it's really hot ei. 35c+) the only other option you might consider is the 205B witch has an external max gross of 11200 lbs, with an empty weight of around 5500-5800 lbs, there aren't many around but is certainly my favourite Bell medium for moving drills etc.. Good luck with your endeavor to find the right a/c for your needs. :up:
  13. We've been flying our 212's with strakes on them for about 4 years now, we estimate about 400 lbs increase in useful load. It would appear from most of the Bell mediums that I have seen in the past couple of years that just about everyone in Canada has jumped on the band wagon. The bonus to the strake is it seems to be saving us a few pesos on tail rotor parts.
  14. Big Duke, The beer's on ice, I'll see ya next week
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