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  1. I thought this was Zonk and Cam in Fort Nelson!? 
  2. Just curious what guys are getting these days for Contract rates on intermediates. Day rate / flight pay or just straight hourly with mins.... Any help is appriciated...... THX
  3. why do u need a "special" seat...the eurocopter ones work just fine!!!
  4. one problem still lies.....the rearward pax interlocking legs... damit...no STC for that one B2
  5. maybe this youtube vid would help.. Minght not but its a good vid nonetheless.
  6. ive heard of quite a few ec120's around that hour mark makin metal? Anyone know what the deal is?
  7. [Deleted by Moderator] Moderator....there should be a ban on people who post s*^% like this. Not the time nor the place....EVER. Comments like this are F*#*ing BullS### I perpose a ban on this assh###
  8. I heard an asian company invested....ohh how the rumors fly...hey ZaZu...whats goin on over there???
  9. Dependant on the aircraft flown, some state in the FM "Maximum allowable persons to be carried on board". In the case on an As350 Section 2.1 #17 states maximum # of persons is 6. So if the infant is in the lap...the seat must still be available. You cant legally place an infant in a lap to make room for an extra person to be transported. At least thats the way i read it....Hope it helps. B2
  10. Flight Fuels does the wole system thing too
  11. ive also hit freezing rain at -45....no temp too cold either....i think its those big snow flakes that are the deciving ones...they will stick...you know the big wet ones. You wont think initially that its a freezing condition until it happens...and if you have ever felt asemetric shedding...you will never forget the sights and sounds! Also the TQ gauge idea is a good one but dont rely on it....in my experience...if its affecting your TQ....you better already be on the ground.....the power bleeds off faster that you would think!!!! Be Cautions....Fly Smart and INformed!!! B2
  12. BEst Advice....Dont Fly when its Icing!!! Simple but it keeps me alive
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