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  1. If he has a spray operation, he is more than likely looking for a batch truck driver for the spray season. Its why he's looking for someone with an Alberta application license and a clean drivers license. If you're working as a batch truck driver in Alberta, you are going to need the pesticide license and maybe even a commercial drivers license, unless he has a trailer that he uses for batching and hauls it with a pick up, then he might get away with having a driver with no commercial drivers license. Hard work, but good experience.
  2. Was it tropic or hansen? I haven't heard great things bout tropic at all. Most guys get a share from what the boat brings in, or at least thats what it used to be ages ago.....
  3. I agree with Hazy.... Still doesn't give you the right to work in the states.....
  4. As stated by mohave green, if your Canadian, and can convert you TC to FAA, don't think that the doors to the US just opened up! Unless it has changes recently, there are no work permits for anything aviation in the US(AME or Pilot) under NAFTA(that comes from my immigration lawyer). Now if you were a dental hygienist....they roll out the red carpet! For N# flying international, whole other deal I imagine.
  5. Yes I am for now Helirico! Back into spraying, working on old Hiller 12E Soloys (Old girl, but sure are perfect for spraying!) PM me you contact info, trying to figure out who you are!!LOL Take care GV
  6. BE CAREFUL....and get a proper immigration attorney, NOT an immigration representative! I worked in the US for ages under a work visa obtained from a rep which stated that I was a spray system specialist, as years past, I became DOM for the company. Dec 2007 I went to renew my visa, they called the company I was working for and the secretary inadvertently said I was DOM....long story short, what I thought was a technicality, ended up being barred for 5 years from re-entry into the US. Could not go back and pick up my tools, empty apartment...etc, a major life changer in short. I now have a
  7. Could you PM me also simpleton or plumber, am curious about them to. Thanks! GV
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