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  1. Almost all the people I know are layed off so nobody is responding because theyre not in industry anymore maybe? Just kidding but seriously I have been in the business over 10 years and I have never seen it like this. Friends at other companies who didn't get layed off a couple months ago got layed off this month. There has to be some good news somewhere. If somebody has it please share! HH
  2. That was a great rant! It reads like you said it in one breath! HH
  3. OMG I am so sorry for the friends and family left behind. I did not know Bob was in any kind of health trouble and when I saw this thread I thought maybe people were discussing his character rather than him leaving us far too soon. I only met Bob maybe a half dozen times but was so impressed by him and his experience. Condolences to his family and all that knew him. Far far too soon! HH
  4. Don't they have there own planes? I don't work there but if I was going to a christmas party and was expected and probably had to make a speech I'd **** well get there! You sound pretty bitter just looking so I am guessing you used to work there or how would you know what these guys looked like? What's the story on your bitterness?
  5. RIP Al. A true original and real gentleman although we only met once. HH
  6. I think that's a good thing to. I have at least 5 friends from 3 companies that got layed off in December. I think its better to let people enjoy the family time first but I guess that means a whole month of wages first. At least 2 companies trimmed their bush today and I bet theres more to come. HH
  7. I was pursuing the IFR thing for a few weeks just as an insurance policy but I have had several PMs telling me not to bother and from what I can determine I think they're right. Somebody just sent me this just before Christmas to cheer me up I guess. http://us6.campaign-archive1.com/?u=b7d29d5e67&id=325c1e075b&e=34e0546013 3000+ pilots and engineers laid off worldwide and counting. I don't think its the operators so much as the customers who are the problem and lots of them don't have any choice. Everyone says the operators have to raise rates to pay more but it looks to me lik
  8. Thanks to so many people with good advice. It wasn't me who was laid off, it was the dozens at Canadian who needed the help so please be as sympathetic as you can to them.
  9. I'm just thankful I don't work for HN efffing ZED!! How can you just discard so many longterm employees like that! Holy #### ####!
  10. My buddy just got laid off from a big canadian company along with dozens of others so it looks like the turnaround hasn't arrived yet. Between them and a couple other companys I have friends at it look like about a hundred pilots and engineers won't be working this christmas. I think its finally time to do that ifr rating and go somewhere else. Does anyone know if there is governmet aid or what not for ifr training? Student loan maybe? Thanx
  11. With all due respect, fatigue was listed in the NTSB report as a "likley contributing factor". The Captain had about 100 hrs on type and the co-pilot was our equivalent of a 100-hr wonder. The Captain pulled back on the stick when the shaker went and the co-pilot almost immediately raised the flaps. I have seen lots of pilots do similar things in training. I hate being a passenger because you don'[t know whose upfront. But to say this accident is about the connection between pay, fatigue and safety is to way oversimplify a bigger issue. Namely having too many aircraft for the number of qualifi
  12. Too many lost in 2012 and so many too young. Condolences and best wishes to family and friends. HH
  13. I called a guy that was almost there and it seems everyone is fine. No idea why it happened... I was somewhat involved (really juts as a page boy) with a risk assessment of the area and it was concluded after half a day that it was probably too hot for us. I think every company has their own level of acceptable risk but most do a assessment of all the available info and then make their decision based on there level of desperation! Everyone has to make a dollar and no one really wants anyone to get hurt but it seems we do things we wouldn't for sure if money wasn't an issue. I just hope the eco
  14. Wow. I googled it and didn't find anything. Who got hurt if the crew ddin't? I hope they were getting CHL Afganistan money since it was probably way more dangerous on the syrian border than in afganistan. HH
  15. I just heard CHL bought Alpine. I asked a buddy at CHL and he said it's BS. Does anyone know what's going on? Don't they have to restructure by the end of the year?
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