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  1. Almost all the people I know are layed off so nobody is responding because theyre not in industry anymore maybe? Just kidding but seriously I have been in the business over 10 years and I have never seen it like this. Friends at other companies who didn't get layed off a couple months ago got layed off this month. There has to be some good news somewhere. If somebody has it please share! HH
  2. That was a great rant! It reads like you said it in one breath! HH
  3. OMG I am so sorry for the friends and family left behind. I did not know Bob was in any kind of health trouble and when I saw this thread I thought maybe people were discussing his character rather than him leaving us far too soon. I only met Bob maybe a half dozen times but was so impressed by him and his experience. Condolences to his family and all that knew him. Far far too soon! HH
  4. Don't they have there own planes? I don't work there but if I was going to a christmas party and was expected and probably had to make a speech I'd **** well get there! You sound pretty bitter just looking so I am guessing you used to work there or how would you know what these guys looked like? What's the story on your bitterness?
  5. RIP Al. A true original and real gentleman although we only met once. HH
  6. I think that's a good thing to. I have at least 5 friends from 3 companies that got layed off in December. I think its better to let people enjoy the family time first but I guess that means a whole month of wages first. At least 2 companies trimmed their bush today and I bet theres more to come. HH
  7. I was pursuing the IFR thing for a few weeks just as an insurance policy but I have had several PMs telling me not to bother and from what I can determine I think they're right. Somebody just sent me this just before Christmas to cheer me up I guess. http://us6.campaign-archive1.com/?u=b7d29d5e67&id=325c1e075b&e=34e0546013 3000+ pilots and engineers laid off worldwide and counting. I don't think its the operators so much as the customers who are the problem and lots of them don't have any choice. Everyone says the operators have to raise rates to pay more but it looks to me like there isn't enough work for everyone as it is so raising rates might be a good way to end up with even less. I can't believe how much has changed in less than three years. HH
  8. Thanks to so many people with good advice. It wasn't me who was laid off, it was the dozens at Canadian who needed the help so please be as sympathetic as you can to them.
  9. I'm just thankful I don't work for HN efffing ZED!! How can you just discard so many longterm employees like that! Holy #### ####!
  10. My buddy just got laid off from a big canadian company along with dozens of others so it looks like the turnaround hasn't arrived yet. Between them and a couple other companys I have friends at it look like about a hundred pilots and engineers won't be working this christmas. I think its finally time to do that ifr rating and go somewhere else. Does anyone know if there is governmet aid or what not for ifr training? Student loan maybe? Thanx
  11. With all due respect, fatigue was listed in the NTSB report as a "likley contributing factor". The Captain had about 100 hrs on type and the co-pilot was our equivalent of a 100-hr wonder. The Captain pulled back on the stick when the shaker went and the co-pilot almost immediately raised the flaps. I have seen lots of pilots do similar things in training. I hate being a passenger because you don'[t know whose upfront. But to say this accident is about the connection between pay, fatigue and safety is to way oversimplify a bigger issue. Namely having too many aircraft for the number of qualified pilots. It's going to get worse in choppers too with all the hourly requirements these days. From a report in late 2009: Capt. Renslow, 47, joined Colgan in September 2005 after graduating from a pilot-training academy, employment records show. He had a history of flunking check rides -- periodic tests of competency that are also required anytime a pilot begins flying a new type of aircraft. Before joining Colgan, he failed three proficiency checks on general aviation aircraft administered by the FAA, according to investigators and the airline. Colgan's spokesman said the company now believes Capt. Renslow failed to fully disclose that poor performance when applying for a job. Once at Colgan, he failed in his initial attempt to qualify as a co-pilot on the Beech 1900 aircraft, and also had to redo his check ride to upgrade to captain on the Saab 340 turboprop, according to investigators. Repeated check-ride failures raise red flags, and large carriers rarely keep pilots who require such extensive remedial training, according to numerous industry officials. Capt. Renslow had about 109 hours of experience flying the Q400 as a captain, an unusually limited amount of time by industry standards. He had started flying the craft only two months earlier.
  12. Too many lost in 2012 and so many too young. Condolences and best wishes to family and friends. HH
  13. I called a guy that was almost there and it seems everyone is fine. No idea why it happened... I was somewhat involved (really juts as a page boy) with a risk assessment of the area and it was concluded after half a day that it was probably too hot for us. I think every company has their own level of acceptable risk but most do a assessment of all the available info and then make their decision based on there level of desperation! Everyone has to make a dollar and no one really wants anyone to get hurt but it seems we do things we wouldn't for sure if money wasn't an issue. I just hope the economy turns so we don't have to do these types of jobs. Wow
  14. Wow. I googled it and didn't find anything. Who got hurt if the crew ddin't? I hope they were getting CHL Afganistan money since it was probably way more dangerous on the syrian border than in afganistan. HH
  15. I just heard CHL bought Alpine. I asked a buddy at CHL and he said it's BS. Does anyone know what's going on? Don't they have to restructure by the end of the year?
  16. I think the problem with avergaing and how people feel about it is having to record hours worked. I get paid a day rate no matter what I'm doing. If i work 2 minutes and get snowed out I am paid the day rate. If I am on standby for ASRD for 14 hrs I get paid my day rate. It balances out in the end and I think thats why we call it averaging. That being said, I absolutely hate having to write on my work record that I only worked one hour when I was on standby all day, even though I am paid the same. Its about recognition more than pay I think. HH
  17. I just heard about the machine in the Yukon going down. Condolences to friends and family of the pilot and hopefully the injured passenger makes a full recovery. Like someone said on another thread, as things seem to be picking up finally please be careful everyone. I know it's easy to say but its pretty sobering when something like this happens. For a slow year it seems to be higher than usual on the accident scene. HH http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/story/2012/07/11/north-yukon-helicopter-crash.html
  18. Hi guys, I have been on three road trips in the last ten days and in that time have driven by a few heli hangars. I cant believe how many helicopters I saw just parked. One place had 12 machines outside their hangar and god knows how many inside! I thought this was supposed to be a really busy season but it's already July and it doesn't look like fires are too good yet. How is everyone doing? Are some industries worse off then others? Is it time to finally do IFR and go outside Canada?
  19. My buddy flies for Trynity and says the rumor is they're going to have new ownership. I thought an aboriginal band owned them? Didnt they go from like one machine to twenty in just a year or two? Was that one of those grow the **** out of your company in order to get bought out like it seemed like was happening a few years ago? I haven't been in this business too long but from what I've seen I don't think being an owner is too fun. HH
  20. Does anyone know if they have closed their doors for real or are going too? My buddy who worked there is now gone elsewhere and told me that every regulated position has quit and the CP is about to get fired according to those in the no. How can anyone recover from that. Incredible?
  21. I just saw the 412 from a distance the other day. For some reason it looks bigger than a Griffon but I assume it's the same size. What model is it? It looks pretty new from where I was, not that I know anything about 412s. I checked out machines for sale online and you can get one for 2 mil or you can also spend 10 mil! What the heck would cause such a spread in price? Any 412 experts out there that can explain it? Obvioulsy not all 412s are the same but what could possibly account for that many zeros difference in price? HH
  22. How does this blacklist work? I saw a pilot once take off like an idiot and cut off another machine coming in with a bucket on a long line. Both machines had to take evasive action with a catastrophe barely avoided. The pilot who made the mistake did something similar the same summer on a different fire. I was hoping he would end up on this blacklist and he was removed from fires that moment but turned up later. I have seen him sevral times since and I hope he has learned. I imagine we all have seen some knuckleheads and also people who make mistakes (I certainly have made many in my career) that they hopefully learn from but I have never seen anyone permanently removed anywhere. Except P5 apparently. Who holds this list and can I get a few names added? HH
  23. Didn't the Italian fascist movement end in 1943 when Mussolini was executed? And I think you better lay off the rum far out to sea because your post doesn't make sense. Just saying. HH
  24. I have so many friends that like to rant on and on. That's not me. Normally. But when a company that has their office between Calgary and Edmonton, and their owner in Quebec, offers B2s at less than a thousand dollars an hour (this is fact, not rumor) because they're "subbing" for 500s they DON'T have I have to draw the line! Charge a decent rate and if you don't have the machine someboidy wants then tell them that for @#$% sake! Don't give them twice the machine for the same price! That is so short term thinking! My rant. HH
  25. A buddy of mine told me that Alberta suspended at least one operator from flying for falsifying pilot records in the last week. Has anyone heard of this? I saw a guy last year on a fire that only had 300 hours but I didn't know what the mins were for ASRD. How long can they suspend somebody and what other actions can they take? And what about those "competency based" hiring practices I keep hearing about? I thought hourly minimums were going away? HH
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