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  1. internet slow ??? must be frozen or user !! hahahaha funny guy u r winnie quote name='Winnie' timestamp='1320679845' post='138639'] You'll find your answer in the beginning of the 400 series (Definitions) of CAR's. The answer is MORE than 25 NM with a stop. You'll find the requirements for each license in either CAR's 401 or 421 for the respective licens, (PPL, CPL and ATPL). Imy internet here is too slow to even attempt to look it up. Cheers H.
  2. does she drink Lambs ? tell her they make it fresh there....hahahah
  3. Yup u did a good job ! they jumped in a bed of snow that softened ther blow and the pilot went for help ,she was injured but will survive and there is and investigation going on now
  4. Would anyone have the R44 flight manual in PDF and if so PM me that would make my day... karl
  5. Hey , There should be some good scenes of the Bo 105 in the movie coming out this friday called "shooter" or should I say ,I hope that they were not left on the cutting room floor....I was lucky enough to be in the left seat for some of the scenes as an extra when they were filming in Ashcroft (in BC for those of you who are not familiar) last summer. Let me tell you all, it was amazing, as a low timer to be able to experience this. I think this is one of those once in a life time things. Anyways, I will for sure be one of those going to see this movie ! Salut !!
  6. bo105_005.zip well i was fortunate enough this summer to fly in one and the pilot that was flying it was experienced, as a matter a fact he is the cp helicopter division of red bull airshow that being said, alot of training goes into these air maneuvres for the shows
  7. i've done one with bchelicopters that 412 had posted a couple of years ago now, my oh my time fly's .......i drumed up some money and man let me tell ya it not only was amazing it was an awsome time!!!.......money well spent :up: salut !!
  8. Hello Ned, she arrived, thanks a bunch.Flipping the pages as i speak,looks like it's going to be a nice read. thanks again
  9. hey, sounds great ,but they don't cut u a check,right!! it's just the next year of work, when u get a pay check that at the end of the year they don't tax up to a certain point.....correct ?? uncertain !!
  10. hey heli ops, thank you very much ,got mine today ! there r some fine pics in it,what a beautiful calander. thanks again, :up: salut !!
  11. hey 412 , yes i must say that the heaters r great in them .............but the weather must be something else to deal with in the winter months ?? and yes i can imagine for the mrs. and luggage :shock: :shock: that's all i can take !! that's great for u guys for enrollment .....busy busy ...$$$ :up: salut !!
  12. well come on guys let me savor the moment.. ......stop talking about another ferry trip .......i haven't stopped crying since i got back from the last one and there u go planning another !! through the grape vine i heared trucking,because it was a winter delivery ?? anyway !! salut !!
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