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  1. Kenting bought 3 new Astars in 1979, lost 2 in three days. Parked the 3rd and bought 2 new 500Ds. I was the only 500 engineer they had so I inherited both aircraft. Dave Aykroyd was my apprentice (lol)...they had 2 Allouette 3s.
  2. I was at Great Lakes Helicopters(GLH) from 74-78, we operated 2 Gazelles (C-GDUG - light/dark orange was one, can't recall the other registration was red/white). Dave Dunstan was our Aerospatiale rep - great guy. Not the same GLH in Cambridge, Ont. My time at Kenting/Klondike we had 2 Alouette III's.
  3. Bell 47 in the - 35/-40 conditions can have its challenges as well. Did an engine change on a 47J2A due to a clutch overspeed in the middle of northern Quebec in the middle of summer with swarms of Black Flies and Horse flies was fun.. Trying to lift the rotor head and then the 540 out and back in was exciting, laying in the muskeg doing up the lower sprag mount was creepy - not sure what crawling all over me...
  4. Having a bevy in Mobile Alabama right now...
  5. I was on Dryden 18 as well, Hughes 500 C model, probably ate at the same place you did as well - parked off HWY 17 and walked over to the highway joint.
  6. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/four-dead-in-northern-alberta-helicopter-crash-1.5859656
  7. Great Lakes Helicopters from the early to late 70's.
  8. We had two SA 341G's in the early to mid 70's when I worked for Great Lakes Helicopters - I worked with them, awesome helicopter.
  9. My crystal ball is still at the cleaners....
  10. Trainees for traffic helicopters...
  11. My crystal ball is still at the cleaners...
  12. I knew Mel quite well...nice guy, good pilot.
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