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  1. Having a bevy in Mobile Alabama right now...
  2. I was on Dryden 18 as well, Hughes 500 C model, probably ate at the same place you did as well - parked off HWY 17 and walked over to the highway joint.
  3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/four-dead-in-northern-alberta-helicopter-crash-1.5859656
  4. Great Lakes Helicopters from the early to late 70's.
  5. We had two SA 341G's in the early to mid 70's when I worked for Great Lakes Helicopters - I worked with them, awesome helicopter.
  6. My crystal ball is still at the cleaners....
  7. Trainees for traffic helicopters...
  8. My crystal ball is still at the cleaners...
  9. I knew Mel quite well...nice guy, good pilot.
  10. My bro was DOM for the Collage for a number of years...
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