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  1. Having a bevy in Mobile Alabama right now...
  2. I was on Dryden 18 as well, Hughes 500 C model, probably ate at the same place you did as well - parked off HWY 17 and walked over to the highway joint.
  3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/four-dead-in-northern-alberta-helicopter-crash-1.5859656
  4. Great Lakes Helicopters from the early to late 70's.
  5. We had two SA 341G's in the early to mid 70's when I worked for Great Lakes Helicopters - I worked with them, awesome helicopter.
  6. My crystal ball is still at the cleaners....
  7. Trainees for traffic helicopters...
  8. My crystal ball is still at the cleaners...
  9. I knew Mel quite well...nice guy, good pilot.
  10. My bro was DOM for the Collage for a number of years...
  11. Attached might be of interest given the nature of this subject chain, then again - maybe not! Recently issued Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) regarding the codifying of existing exemptions related to PEDs. This initiative appears to be welcome evidence of regulatory streamlining. Have a look at the following section in subparagraph b) on page 5 of the attached NPA which may require additional investigation. which states: “b) that the air operator has validated that the use of PEDs will not impair the aircraft’s system or equipment during all phases of flight including criti
  12. Fan; Lets talk GPS's - you know the ones that were velcro'd and stuck to glare shields using velco, PK screws and other unapproved means of attachment - been there, I recall a GPS mounted on the top of a glareshield in a 206 with velro that fell between the pilots feet during final, fabulous! Lets make this very clear, if one is utilizing and iPad as EFB the operational philosophy for using the iPad is that it effectively replaces paper charts, maps and manuals using a small, easy-to-use device capable of storing huge amounts of data and data is viewable in all phases of flight and in a
  13. Fan, there has to be some documented control especially if they ipads are supplied by the organization. Just went through all this with TC...but stove bolts screwing them to a glare shield and referencing AC 43.13 is ur style...go for it.
  14. How does the air operators procedures for the use of PEDs onboard aircraft meet the Commercial Air Service Standards (CASS) and are they specified in the air operator’s company operations manual?
  15. Doing well... I got there when it became Klondike/Kent and the FH1100 was gone, 47 was there.
  16. He was with Great Lakes Helicopters before Ont. Hydro...great guy - I work for him from 76 to 78 as he took over from John Ben Ben as Benny went to Hydro before Wes.
  17. The picture shows BD 1 repainted to the same colour as BD 2...
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