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  1. Anyone know how these two company will fair through all this?
  2. This is a very significant increase, what is the life limit of a main rotor blade? Do they have many problems?
  3. sooo... does the 3 engine s 64 mean two mains and one apu? what would the new gross weight be?
  4. Nice pics...kinda sad hearing that the old girl may become extinct
  5. What was the price last year?
  6. What is the idea behind the 3 engine model? Is it better on fuel?
  7. What is the price for blades?
  8. What else would the 214 do if it is not going to log??
  9. Do you think that Bell will reduce there parts costs? Is it the end of the 214 logging? can't be
  10. Is there any truth to these rumors? Does this put the 214 out of logging?
  11. There is a rumor floating around that Bell has increased component prices and decreased RIN limits. This would mean that they could not afford to log with them anymore...anyone hear or know anything??
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