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  1. Hi everyone As everyone all ready has heard we lost a great guy. Heath was truly a HELICOPTER PILOT... I wanna ask everyone to take a minute of silence this Sunday before you start you next mission or night maintenance. Let HEATER have one more go.... please pass onto as many people as you can Jason Rand
  2. Anyone hear who got the 2 heavy contracts in Alberta..
  3. Let’s see how that works out....
  4. Anyone know results of who won these.
  5. All this fatigue management loophole did was create another test to add to the collection we have to do at yearly recurrent. Do the test,company goes back to normal operations with the WE didn’t tell you to do that card in thier back pocket when the #### goes sideways.
  6. One more pilot, what has worked for me in these types of STANDARD FOR TYPE, ITS FINE,DONT WORRY ABOUT IT RESPONSES. Just tell the DOM okay perfect,let’s go back the nut off and WE will go flying like that. It is amazing how quickly you will find out if it really is an issue when buddy has to strap his *** into the seat worked with an engineer once who refused to do maintenance flights after he was involved with whatever was done to heli. Guess how many maintenance flights I did for him........
  7. Fix it??? Yeah right, there's a ASRD medium contract out right now. Cant wait to see the lowball rate that wins this??? No fixing when we constantly underbid, producing less revenue which in turn is used to pay employees and everything else..
  8. Wasnt the Pres/Vice Pres also the owners?? If so they resigned from who?? Sorry its early and I don't get it..
  9. Sorry but I had to. Canadian Juniors- WORLD CHAMPIONS ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!
  10. So about to purchase an ipad mini with the thoughts of using it with foreflight in the future. I am not computer smart so was wondering which ipad people are using, ipad with wifi or the wifi and 3g model??? anything else to consider, straight VFR driver, that IFR stuff scares me............hehe
  11. guess the day rate will double next year, cause all these layed off guys need to make a years wages in the 3 months of summer before said companies SAVE money in the winter???????????????
  12. Oh good luck to all these companies getting the people to come back in the spring. Sure some will be available but good chance the good ones wont be back. Accountants never get the need to hold on to good guys thru the winter.
  13. okay out of curiosity CBRN what are you looking for and what is low maintenance. Are you saying if the resume had 10000hrs instead of 403 you would look at it differently? Are you laughing at the 2/2 because he has low hours? Or would a 10000hr guy be laughed at as well. The point I believe is actually what you mentioned. "willing to do whatever it takes" It is this mentality that companies are exploiting and you confirmed it in your statement. Look at some of the application reasoning from these companies, crazy to think they get approved. The program was not put in place so companie
  14. Wow interesting set of documents.. I think my favorite is "we did not have one response to our recruitment drive thru ads on KIJJI AND CRAIGSLIST" Why didn't I think to look for a helicopter pilot job amongst all the sex/wife swap ad's on craigslist??? Oh and the " no helicopter pilot in Canada with specialized office computer skills to do our admin work for $17hr " is another good one. And these applications get approved???
  15. averaged Mins should be outlawed from the helicopter industry. Any company putting that option into contract proposals shall be banned from bidding for 5 years. Every customer has figured out how to play with the mins, How about OMNR, fly your bag off for 5 days then they sit you and fly in joe blow from 200 miles away to use up some of his mins. Oh but don't release you because your over you mins so they get to hold you for however many days it takes to average out your total hours. Meanwhile BC lights up but your stuck on a extended 4 days hire so they can AVERAGE OUT YOUR HOURS. Crimina
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