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  1. Well after alot of thought I decided to go with the 250. When the biggest seller of Gallet in North America tells me he has been to mulitple helicopter trade shows showing the 350 beside the 250 to pilots and has come away with not one sale for the 350 it tells me something. Could go into detail but he had a lot of good reasons to NOT buy the 350. Let you know how the 250 works in about 2 weeks time........
  2. Anyone have a gallet 350? Looking for some reviews.. sitting on the fence between 350 and 250....
  3. Just wondering what kind of daily meal per diems companies out there are providing. you don't have to put your company name if you don't want. Not trying to make money off them but they need to cover 3 meals a day. We are sitting at $40/day which I think is a little low???
  4. Oh crap, thats where my chopper is!! and I got a charter this morning,wonder if the cops will let me borrow it...
  5. All I can say is avoid Houston TX. if you have a conection you are trying to make :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  6. hey how about flipping this news around,,, if people are leaving because of money and tours then prime time to apply with a wage requirement and tour length needed request. If they need to replace the crews leaving maybe you can be sitting in a good spot??? just a thought!! if they say no, then move on..
  7. I have always said what every forest fire department in Canada needs is a EXPERIANCED HELICOPTER PILOT on staff that is there to do nothing but look after all HELICOPTER related issues. Not people that have "LOTS OF TIME IN THE PASSENGER SEAT" or believe they know everything helicopter related. Get someone on staff that has been there and actually knows what goes on from the other side of the windscreen... My guess is you would see a dramatic differance in how the heli side of a fire was handled.
  8. The program is called YEARLY HOUR AVERGING, each company puts thier own spin on it and applys to labour canada to get it implamented. Ask about that little gem to your EI person. Thanks NMH
  9. Would one be safe to say the Chief pilot and general pilot jobs being solicitated by Harfinbow consultants would be for Guardian??? I am about to hit send to email my resume.HEHE what's that saying "NOT FOR ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD" pretty bad to not be able to post your company name with your ad
  10. Hi regular doctor Dr Dahlstrom is not available here in PG. Anyone in PG on here that uses Dr Davis, Dr Paget or Dr Young. Any info on experiance would be great.
  11. I have a **** of an idea. Lets all buy the company!!! Every pilot and engineer send me $1 and We will put in a bid. Whoever sends me the first dollar gets to pick thier position in the company. Ready Set Go!! Oh please let this work I really need the money after sitting around all winter
  12. Could be wrong but wasn't it a spinoff company for Adrian Erikkson who owned a construction company?????
  13. according to CADORS this wasn't even a reportable incident????? It didn't happen I wish the $944's old company name would come back it fit so much better,I really liked the badge thingy.
  14. Really close Snarky all you forgot was that one little detail about no functioning low fuel light but other then that you more or less covered it. $944 $944 $944........ I wonder if the Forestry incident report on that one is available for review!!
  15. ??????????? Trust me you had to be there to see it to believe it
  16. speaking of kamloops was anyone there towards the end of the fire season this year for the FOR MENTIONED companies performance with the 205 FUEL ISSUE???? $944/hr i can tell you how.
  17. Okay lets take my question to the next step. If no one asked the question at the meeting then why doesn't someone call up ASRD and ask the question now??????????
  18. Question for all you Alberta intermediate helicopter operators. It was mentioned that only a couple weeks prior to this bid win of $944 the Alberta helicopter operators where at a ASRD forestry roundup meeting were rates were discussed. DID ANY OPERATOR STAND UP AND DIRECTLY ASK THE QUESTION OF ASRD ON THE SUBJECT OF UNREALISTIC LOW RATES BEING OFFERED AND WHAT ASRD THOUGHT ABOUT THEM AND WHY THEY EXCEPT THEM?????? If not, why not??? JUST WONDERING???
  19. Holy crap For that rate I will put away our iron and sub lease his for $944, add $600/hr to get to where our customers pay for a B2 and that $600 /hr will be all profit for me!! tried every different way to get all the costs to run a B2 into $944, can't get it to work for me, has to be the calculator I am using I guess ASRD is getting a B2 for $944/hr, wonder what they are not getting??????????????
  20. Does thier prices compare to Merit APR.????????? Anyone know???
  21. Ha ha after all the bad talk about ASRD on another thread good the same whinners take the bait and bid $1045. Funny thats the same bid Mustang just bid two months ago. Some real good number crunching to come up with that competative bid!!! Oh wait maybe it was as 2nd place was really close with thier competitive $1048!!! Come on these numbers are a joke people....
  22. Now I agree that dictating rates is not good but lets remember if ASRD posts lets say $1600/hr astar rate for firefighting and you think that is to low/unfair/undo able then why the heck are people bidding $1045. I am looking for a new car and phone three dealerships and tell them all I am willing to buy a car for $20000. Two dealerships qoute $20000 and one qoutes $11000.I didnt force them or even ask them for a lowball bid. What would you do??? Turn it around, next bid everyone bids $$1600, lets let service and crew quality be the deciding factor!!HAHA like that will ever happen! PS
  23. just looked on ciffc, that cant be correct 196 inter/86 med/22 heavys.????? there isnt that many mediums in canada is there. or does that mean that they are letting big brother from down south in???????
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