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  1. I've been waaiting to hear any comments whatsoever from one Mr. David Suzuki...........but NOTHING again. For years and years, he and other 'let's-hug-a-tree-people' did everything in their power to outlaw the BCFS from having controlled burns to rid the forest floors of all the pent-up and decaying fuels that were there and that they knew were dangerous and would be very hard to fight in a fire. Mr. Suzuki & Co. won that battle in spades and had all manner of folks climb onto their 'bandwagon' because they and everyone else knew that Mr. Suzuki loved trees and everything about nature. THEN the fires start burning at and around Kelowna, with people loosing homes and possesions to fire, BCFS and the Province taxed for resources of any kind. Our Mr. Suzuki was contacted for volunteers and their resources of any type...........and total SILENCE was the answer. News media attempted also to contact Mr. Suzuki..........and total SILENCE again. THAT was the last time that Kelowna had big fires that left devastation behind.


    Now the SECOND time arrives for fires in and around Kelowna and sttill no comments from Mr. Suzuki, no volunteers from his esteemed organization of people who love trees and everything about them. No monies are offered, no hoses, pumps, etc., etc. Are we to assume that Mr. Suzuki doesn't love trees anymore then? Surely that can't be true. Are we to assume then that Mr. Suzuki now understands that he was wrong before and that BCFS was correct in wanting to rid the forest of the forest floor fuels? If so, surely Mr. Suzuki has enough backbone and class that he would stand up and say so to the media and maybe even commit resources to make a film on this subject and how valuable it is to do such burning. But NOTHING! Not a peep and not a comment from one normally very talkative personality.


    That's okay Mr. Suzuki, I'll just keep waiting for you and when that face of yours isn't so red anymore, perhaps I'll get to see and/or hear you apologize to a great many people and simply state...."I'm sorry, I was wrong. I'm not always right and I'm man enough to admit it when I'm not correct".


  2. Okay going to throw this out there. Starting tomorrow all helicopter companys stop free ferry/come on spec.

    Everyone is only allowed to call forestry offices to see if they are hiring. You can only go to fires if hired.


    Not sure how the industry is doing it right now is helping anything??? That many machines in Kelowna on free spec taking up needed evacuees hotel rooms is not really good.

  3. seems pretty simple really, BCFS knows times are tough and there is not alot of medium work around, hence all the spec helicopters. They feel no need to put anyone on a 3 day hire to have them available as in years past cause they know we have no where else to go.


    It maybe the greatest money saving plan of the year or if we see two provinces get going at once a "see you later and YES THE FERRY IS BOTH WAYS"


    ****By the way where is the forestry guy that was one here a while back that was so interested in our input? Maybe he could give us all a rundown on how the hiring of helicopters goes in BC as it seems every district seems to have a different thought on the subject. Would be interesting to know and then maybe we wouldnt have to fly spec everywhere and they wouldnt have to answer the phone every ten minutes to talk to someone looking for work????

  4. okay the great Canadian fire season has begun. How many out there sitting or flying around on spec?? :wacko:


    Sounds like there is more then a few pieces of iron sitting on different ramps. No sense phoneing about hiring oportunitys as most departments are saying they have thier choice of machines parked in front of thier office.

  5. Just had a look at Gemini heli's ad for a R44 driver. If anyone is wondering how the industry can solve the pilot shortage problem have a look at the progressive approach these guys are trying. Looks like the best chance SIX hopeful's will ever get. And what is he asking for in return? for the lucky ones to be loyal to the company that gAve them a start. I don't know anything about Gemini but they get huge golden star in my books. :up:


  6. This has been a issue for me for a long time. I believe from a safty stand point stay in the left seat for crews. Hang out the door all day moving drills and then have to switch seats to go into a small hole to pick up the boys at the end of the day for a ten minute ride to camp? I feel way more comfortable in the left seat personally. As for the emergency arguement, we practise all the emergency's from the left seat and they all can be done. Legally I guess VERT R said it best, get the approval from TC and be done with it.

  7. RAINMAN!!!


    Check out Robert Mcnary at Pelican group out of Calgary. I got a term policy for $100000 for $35 a month. I looked around and that was a good deal. He deals with alot of rotary pilots. He has to really work on the insurance people. Pretty indepth experiance checks and pursuading from what he told me. Isn't funny how doing a medical every 6 months to a year doesn't help a bit when it comes to insurance people.

    Hope that helps

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