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  1. Easy to jump all over this request!!!! My office has lots of windows, lots of fresh air, I am my own boss, and I am doing a job that a very small percentage of people get to do. ( I always hear from people how lucky I am to be flying )
  2. Not sure why I am doing this, I guess I am interested to hear how bad everyone at this company is against BV as well. If you have a problem with this one you better pack your helmet up and get out. Bailey Helicopters is looking for a pilot. 1500hrs total time $50000-$70000/yr WITH FULL BENEFITS Looks like everything you requested? Ready, set, come up with a reason against this one we are all listening My fee for finding jobs for you has just gone up!!!
  3. Exactly what I suspected all along. BV, a fellow pilot(me) try's to help out another(you) and all you can do is find the negitive in it. You really don't want a job but would rather sit back and tell everyone how bad you have it and that we all are against you? What I thought was a helping hand turned out to be an opportunity for you to slag someone. I am truly sorry i posted anything, especially to James B please except my appoligy. BV you sealed your fate long ago I am afraid!!!!!!!!
  4. After reading your postsssssssssss. If you have the experiance you say and want to work as bad as you say, here it is. Lakelse Air needs a pilot ASAP!!!!! Give them a call. I know their phone is not ringing off the hook and if you are as broke as you say, then I would think you would be onto this before you finish reading this post?????
  5. I will jump in on this one. I always like to see where everyone got their start. I noticed that Northern Mountain takes alot of heat on this site, and yes they did some questionable things but ask anybody that got their start at NMH and you would be hard pressed to hear one bad remark about the training . One thing they didn't do was go cheap on the training. This is where I got my start. I got over 75hrs of operational training in Smithers B.C.( Mountain course,bucketing the list goes on) from Joe Miere(EX OKY.Trainer) and one of his students Earl Miller. This training was second to none.
  6. Flying in a severe snow storm( typical day helisking) toeing in three times( any given day on fires or Geological job) Does that mean we all are going to get a medal?? Just wondering.
  7. Big Duke were did you hear that VIHL was laying off 3 full time guys??? Reliable source?? :down: :down:
  8. Anybody hear any more news on the Australia fire season??? Has there been any activity yet(fire wise)??
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