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  1. What kind of training? Maintenance, pilot ground school, flight?
  2. FM states "When N1> 67% [GENE] On This is different than all the preivious 350's, and is because of the Arriel 2D engine.
  3. i found this interesting. I was in Mexico City just before Christmas, delivering some training. I was flying on a Mexican licence validation, good for 6 months. I was told that to get a Mexicanpilots licence, the candidate has to be born in Mexico, it is part of thier constitution! Other pilots flying there, like me, can do so under a licence validation, specific to type and task, which is good for 6 months, and the individual can only get 2 licence validations per lifetime. Interesting!
  4. RIP Grant, a man who gave much back into the helicopter industry, he will be missed.
  5. At Eurocopter Canada, when we are doing "flight test" of any sort, both pilot and engineer wear PPE, consisting of fire retardent suits, and helmets. Both are supplied by the company, with the engineers helmets being several in stock, and the engineer is issued his own inner liner to go in the company "on the shelf"Gentex helmet. The engineers can supply thier own helmets, or purchase one through the company "payroll deduction" plan.
  6. A few weeks ago I asked a TC buddy about a FAA pilot flying a Canadian registered helicopter in the US, not for hire (a little different than your original question) and here is his answer; Here's the Litmus Test on this: "A Canadian can fly a Canadian registered helicopter anywhere in the world and can fly a helicopter registered anywhere in the world other than Canadian, only in Canada" This applies to any IATA country like the US, so, yes, a US pilot can fly a Canadian registered helicopter in the US! Sounds complicated but not really. Here endeth the lesson!
  7. I don't get on these things often, but "hears" my thoughts. Talk to any helicopter pilot that's been flying for awhile, and his (and my!) response will invariably be "huh?, as strains to hear the question! Anything you can do to protect your hearing will benefit you in the long run. Interesting little run about "where have the real men gone?". Good thing it's in writing, because if you were in a slightly crowded room full of older chattering helicopter pilots, with some background music going on, none of them could hear the question, and therefore you wouldn't get any answers, and could carry
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