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  1. Not that a Puma is anywhere near a good candidate for a EMS machine, it is interesting that BC Ambulance service is doing direct award contracts without any open bidding process. It is my understanding that Ascent Helicopters has also been awarded a direct multi-year, multi million $ contract with the BC Ambulance service on Vancouver Island for their 902. But I am absolutely confident everything is above board.
  2. RFQ 12506 on BC Bid is open to operators for BC Hydro Site C Helicopter support til 2020.
  3. Have heard BC Hydro has extended its existing contract with approved helicopter providers through 2020. Too bad for anyone on the outside trying to get on the list.
  4. Maybe wait til the fire flap starts and then go for the $15,000.00 signing bonus.
  5. The pilots of Cougar Helicopters working the offshore in St. John's Newfoundland, Canada have voted to unionize under the umbrella of the Office and Professional Employees International Union. The Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) ordered the certification of the union on 22 December 2011, in CIRB Order No.: 10151-U. Info found on "another" website. Just wondering if anyone from Cougar could comment.
  6. I'm pretty sure if you had a twin engine Fh1100, BC Hydro would be all over it!
  7. Is that a shortage of work or an overage on helicopters and pricey hangars? BC isn't gaining a lot of respect due to the silver spoon syndrome and a overtly arrogant push to develop new bases. (can you say "non-rev?") WC is definately feeling the effects of the slowdown....tough go when you build several million $'s worth of new hangars and the shite hits the fan. Maybe some common sense will be required. Or....more cash may be heading southbound via the drain.
  8. Keep in mind that your seats offer no energy attenuation and will likely result in major spinal injury in the event of a hard landing. Passengers in the back are sitting on the fuel bladder, so you might want to make sure they are aware of the fire extinguisher location. The main gear box is only certified to stay attached to the airframe for 4 G's max. before it can come ripping through the cockpit in the event of a hard landing, so a helmet is also a really good idea. Fly safe and in your spare time check the log book....you might see your older brother or dad's name listed as PIC somew
  9. Ditto OT If I remember correctly, the folks that started the HAC all gave up their own time to form an association whose purpose was to make the industry a better place. Nobody got paid, mistakes were made, but it's great to see how the association has grown - the convention this weekend is something that everyone in the Canadian helicopter industry should be very proud of. Elite owners club......?? -well if you look at a membership list, I think you would see that a lot of interests are represented - pilots and engineer alike. Best of luck Jen. Nice to see a breath of fresh air f
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