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  1. Why didn't he pickle the bucket, that should have happened immediately whether it was LTE or Mechanical.
  2. I prefer Ray Bans yellow with a gradient lens. I think there called shooting glasses.
  3. Last thing I would buy would be a helicopter.
  4. Try matching at 104%Q if that's your max Q. Then leave it alone if they split in cruise don't worry about it. If you pull max power again they should come together at max Q, if they don't you have a problem. Could be a lazy gov. make sure throttles are wide open with a proper cushion and also check auto revs within limits before making any adjustments.
  5. I'm not sure if the US forest service still does this but if one company submitted a low ball bid. They would ask the company to prove they can make money at that rate. If they couldn't show a reasonable profit they didn't get the contract. A good concept. That was over 25 years ago they were doing this. It kept rates where they should be.
  6. They can only do that if the ships are paid for. If they have loans out on the aircraft the banks won't let drop the insurance without collateral. If everything is paid for there doing good and maybe they can afford to take the chance.
  7. Heard it was GSL that had a layoff. A friend in Calgary told me.
  8. Can someone list these 6 company's.
  9. What a joke you guys are. You got more problems before something happens. you all think this is going to change things and you have no proof. Get a life stand up for yourselves. i'm looking forward to this. I won't take time off in the bush, mortgage or not. There's more complainers and babies in this industry. The whole thing is a joke. Working 14 hours and flying 12 hours moving drills or whatever is a thing of the past, lifes getting better, enjoy it. Been there done it.
  10. You guys don't think much of your employers to give you your days off at work. If I was told i was taking time off on the job they would be looking for another pilot.
  11. I don't agree with everything Transport is trying to change. I don't see the big problem, more time off, more time at home with the family, more jobs for pilots, more rest when on the job. I don't care about the customers they will have to deal with the new regs. They will because the work will still be there. Oil and gas exploring, mining, is not going to stop, the forest fires will still happen. Everythings not going to come to a stand still. ASRD will have to get their act together which is almost impossible for them, for starting times and crew pick-up making sure they have enough pi
  12. Management i knew you would say that. I can't figure out why the company should pay more flight pay hours then they are billing for. That's not the norm. If I understand your posts correctly.
  13. Your living in a dream world. The company is paying you the hours they get payed for. Weather you fly them or not. you fly 6 hours a day for 3 days 24 hours. They have 3 hour mins. The customer sits for 3 days, the total hours the company gets paid is still 24 hours & you want to be paid for 33 hours. Our hourly pay is the hours the machine gets paid for. If you over fly during your tour you get payed for the extra, if your short you get the daily mins times your days away.
  14. They should adopt what the USFS does. If you under bid and it seems low. They will ask you to show them how you are making a profit. If you can't prove that you loose the bid. They want the companys to make money and they share the work between companys better. If companys are operating at loss its not in the USFS best interest also. They know corners are cut and don't want that.
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