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  1. isn't this a forum like most, its made up of peoples opinions? right? whats the difference between spouting off on-line or doing it in person?? Ive sat at a table full of pilots and engineers before and its not like everyone agrees on what each one has to say. Does it make interesting conversation? absolutely! Do you get up from the table and get your "legal team" to come and defend you when somebody says something that offends you? No If People and or Companies are that worried whats said on here, then there out to lunch. They don't have a clue whats being said about them everywhere else
  2. whats $5000 really? thats just a weeks work isn't it? :up:
  3. AR and OT both good arguments but is it all about the money ??? One company out there is having to offer bonus's to attract employees. This raises a couple questions... first is the bonus tax-free? second why do they need to offer a bonus in the first place? Obviously these people are looking to make some money initially and the "signing bonus" attracts them... Then theres the other side of the coin.. One company having there employees pay them a "signing bonus" for there initial employment (just couldn't resist it is that time of year!) This also raises a couple question... who in
  4. I think freefall is hammering them with his 206 lol maybe it needs a new muffler!
  5. Being the Ops Manager up there AED why don't you offer him a job?
  6. all this speculation and concern... just call transport canada. next topic already
  7. All low-timers should defiantly consider any opportunity like this, duh. How often do you see companies looking for "100hr wonders"? Also even if it takes you 2 years before getting the chance to fly tours you still will make a living. This is defiantly more respectable then flying tours and paying for it out of your own pocket! (like another operator in those parts) My 2 bits
  8. FInd the place that feels right, its not all about the money! If your not happy its time to move on! I believe I'm fortunate enough to have a sweet gig and fly some of the nicest machines out there and work with some good people! No Big Deal. (bold but very true) A smaller company everyone works well together and very minimal drama. When the grass looks greener on the other side it is .... but whats in the middle...?? when you find the right fit you will know. like 412driver said 'I LOVE IT"
  9. ok the obvious answer... find someone that will hire you :up:
  10. Lets be realistic here! Alright place to work and move drills on Astar's. However, pretty long road at either of those places to get into the mediums and Lakelse's 204 and Quantum's 205 are for sale.
  11. If your running an iPad or iPhone go with Ibal app.
  12. Looks like maybe some additional training is required
  13. H56 Pathetic... WOW Im not sure how you call this pathetic, or what would make it pathetic. This is an excellent idea and very much in tune with the times we live in. Plus how accurate is that "old black and white chart" compared to a digital version? I think this App is a great idea!
  14. From a pilots perspective, and the limited time in a B2 and SD2 (no fx2) that i do have, hot and high might as well go with the LTS. As far as fuel burn really not that much different between the LTS and Arriel. Should give an operator like Sarvair a call, he has operated both for some time
  15. hopefully they picked up a new CP in there house cleaning.
  16. Well it might be a good idea... Just look at it as if you were a frenchman
  17. www.wildcathelicopters.com sure those guys could use some of your 412/212 experience
  18. why don't you walk into the chief pilots office tomorrow morning and ask them what they think, then as what they think you should bill the customer. Then ask them what they do....
  19. Mustang who the F is Mustang? are they the same guys that make lifejackets?
  20. " Nice people and shiny paint do not make professional pilots and well maintained aircraft." AR your right, but its sure great when there is professional pilots and well maintained aircraft matched with that shiny paint and nice person!
  21. Closing thoughts..... AR great thread as I'm sure this will be a hot topic and cause a little bit of controversy and thats what this place is made of. However, I do find it disappointing to see though we are always so quick to jump on the negative! Ya sure all summer long there seems to be these individuals and companies who are constantly struggling with there "professionalism" but most of us seem to know or soon come to recognize who they are quiet quickly. What we should be doing is talking about the positive experiences! The good crews and good equipment we spent time around this summ
  22. Oh boy... Now were talking! SOP's & proper flying profiles The guy had a little fun, probably regrets it all now, at the end of the day no one was hurt. Sure theres potential for problems but there is always potential. Its so easy for all us armchair pilots to be so critical when its not us behind the controls. Think about that next time your taking off or landing with a group of fellow pilots watching. Heck I'm as critical as the next guy
  23. Oh yeah and like the guy at the end of the video said "its amazing amazing!" lighten up folks
  24. Awsome.... not! The worst thing about this video is the lack of hot women in bikini's ! Now that would have been awesome!
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