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  1. Liftair, Bow, Quasar, Lakeland, Shirley, Shunda, Nahanni, Frontier/Conair, Mushroom Farmers, Canarc, Ruperts Land, Tiaga, Peace...
  2. How many does the pony have and which companies have the remaining contracts?
  3. This page was updated in September. The most recent page should show an underlined 14-40. The correction is under the chart referencing the (**) to say greater than.
  4. I must have timed out and got kicked to the curb. Page 7, Section 2.1 bottom of chart (**) Operation.....oil temperature at engine start is equal to or greater than -20C. And they are probably missing those two asterisk for the synthetic oil 5 centistoke MIL 23699 as well.
  5. Don't forget page 8, Section 2.1, "Notes : - The temperature limitations mentioned above apply to engine starting."
  6. And have also had this conversation with Aerospatiale. Leave Ft Nel or Ft Mac at -32 and after one refuel, land in Calgary or Lethbridge at plus 9.
  7. Unless you are running the Castrol Optigear 32 break in oil. For the duration of the break in period (100 or 200 hours I think?) , then you are limited to 0 degrees C, I believe. Check the MM.
  8. That is a lot of iron for sale (even if you remove the lease ships). Will be interesting to see how much they actually acquire.
  9. Tried the search engine to no avail. Seen it on here a couple of times. Looking for a PDF Astar 350B2 and or SD2 manual copy. Does not have to be most recent. PM if you can pass one along. Thanks.
  10. Viewed an aerial picture of the crash site. Will be educational to hear how the tailboom came off like it did.
  11. Good Times back in the 80's Capt. Kirk. ... and yes you were right ... Cheers my friend!
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