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  1. On ‎2‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 12:19 PM, robottxt said:

    Airbus sent a private letter to a few diligent operators years ago about this issue.  Some operators accepted it, others did not and demanded an RFM update.  

    The NP RFM has a similiar statement as above. With one minor difference. 

    (*) Operation at OAT < -20°C is approved provided that MGB andTGB oil temperature at engine start is ≥ -20°C.
    A procedure to measure the oil temperatures is provided in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (MET 60-00-00-603).


  2. On ‎2‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 2:21 PM, Blackmac said:

    Sorry for the confusion I seem to have created, I guess I should read my SMS manual again.

    Maufacturers are responsible and can be held responsible for what ever they provide and sign in writing.

    After you crash and the TSB finds out it was due to the wrong oil in the main or tail rotor gear box, your Insurance Company is going to be very unhappy and I beleive you will be also.

    File an emergency A.O.G. to TCCA and a copy to the Manufacturer.

    If you believe that you are going to get a consensus of opion on this site you are really dreaming, you are probably the first person to beleive this is a learning site, welcome.

    You should call AirBus in Fort Erie and ask to speak to the CEO and not the support staff. Put exactlly what you said originally in your post and a copy to your Insurance Company and explain to the CEO that you are in violation of ICAO and TCCA regulations for not adherring to the RFM. 

    Advise the CEO that you will be seeking compensation for lost revenue.

    Don't forget page 8, Section 2.1, "Notes : - The temperature limitations mentioned above apply to engine starting."

  3. Looking at ordering new AE helmets.

    Couple of questions though for those that already have them.


    They ask for 1) plug impedance? 2) side connector / jack plug? 3) mic and boom? 4) microphone?


    What do you guys recommend (or what works) in our Canadian aircraft. Will be using the helmets in Astars and mediums.


    And what is the CEP kit?





  4. Who cares if they hire from their graduates!!!!!!!!!!


    These are only two of the two hundred helicopter company's in Canada that a graduate might work for ........


    You want to get the best training you possible can that will prepare you for all employers, multiple geographic locations and any specialty flying that might interest you.

    Paul at MV has been around a long time and has many contacts.

    And this industry is all about knowing a guy that knows a guy that needs a guy....

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