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  1. thats a good deal. i could retire off your expense allowance
  2. now would be a good time to double the 407 tarrif...
  3. 407, sweet points there compadre''. really like the "chiraq" one. hehehe just one more reason to be a "bell man" eh? where''s good ol'' rene'' leveque when you need him? "vieve la france vieve"
  4. 407, next time its on me, do you know where the local food bank is...
  5. yet the back of "vertical" and "helicopters" have the most want ads i have ever seen for meduim crews...where did you all go boys???
  6. good old France backing the wrong side again eh. think i''ll go down town and get me an onder of them new "freedom fries"
  7. i''ll pass that on... ah hm, you need a base pilot or water boy over there 407, least i''ll stop loosing weight...
  8. CTD, that would be greatly appreciated. tanks!!! i was going to log in on this new site as CTD, but then everyone would think i was the balding, ever so wise, always witty one!!! what the **** is an onrolloveronmouseover??? i hope mine never goes out of track or decells!!!
  9. i get 35 for meals but it just does not cut it. 45 sounds respectable! especially if your a fat ba$tard. looks like 35 is the bottom of the scale, have to do some talkin'' i guess. thanks for the help boys...
  10. augh common you pussies - 8 of you stop in and look but no one will give me a base line to work with here!!! whats the cream of the crop dishing out there 407 driver? help me out here boys.
  11. I'm a size 6, (font that is) hey, I like this bigger, better bolder... Cool, VERT REF I think yur onto sompin! So brown, is that aceptibull DTC, DCT....hey wait this matches the brew and this matches the wibs! 'bout the cookoo's nest, we didn't actually fly over, we fell out !! PS CTD: I'll lay off the pink only if ya stop calling me Dude!
  12. CTD....I thought RDM was a flight attendant on Cougar 1. 407 Driver....I lost 2 pounds past year so lay off the fat jokes...eh!! Now to get back on topic ....check out the pic in the gallery, web funnies section. Sorry RDM, couldn't resist!!
  13. Biggs, I hear that new bird comes standard equipment with a thigh master, toupee headset and 1000 hours or 2 years (which ever comes first) worth of viagra!!! scarry, while all the fixed wing boys have visions of suger plums dancing in their heads the heli riff raff are barking at the moon destroying kyles new site!!! some things never change...
  14. Hey boys the windsocks are back. I''m in...sign me up! well done kyle, best of luck in your new endeavor. RDM we can picket over here an still be canadian eh? play safe...
  15. Looking for a survey on what everyone is getting for meal allowance from their companies this year. play safe...
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