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  1. Follow up... If your looking for Jet B give Randy or Karl a call at Save On Jetfuels. They can provide an endless supply of "B" for you. And no I dont get kick backs!
  2. The longer you fly in the mountains the more you will learn... And there is a difference between flying in the mountains and working in the mountains. I have worked above 14,000' with ease yet had my a$$ handed to me at 2,000' along the coastal regions. Each geographic has its own challanges. Trust in the helicopter Gods and the little hairs on the back of your neck. Listen to what your a/c is telling you and know its limits and your own. ...sometimes it is better to be downwind in up flow than into wind in down flow...
  3. Jet A or B DOES NOT have anti-icing additive in it UNLESS it is specified on the waybill or labelled on the drum as such. ESSO Imperial Oil drums state FSII - fuel system icing inhibitor, which means anti-ice. Not a big deal for a 212 or any intermediate with an A/F fuel filter but a BIG DEAL for any single engine Bell medium below 4 deg C. Check your RFM in detail for proper fuel specifications and operating temperatures. The first thing the TSB does at the scene of a crash is take a fuel sample.
  4. Best longline experience you will ever get, no better place to practice and learn. There are some very talented guys out there swinging bags. The job is as exciting as you make it. Great starting point to move onward and upward if you want to make a career out of a 200' LL.
  5. Dick was one of the good guys. He will be missed.
  6. 8 years of flying on USFS Type I, II Exclusive Use and CWN contracts. 8 years of constant closed circuit hot refueling.
  7. Region 5 (california) us numbers for all exclusive use machines, H554 is a 205 based at the BLM fire center in Apple Valley for example. This can create a hiccup as well. The helitack numbers are usually located on the nose of the mediums in small script. So the crews approaching from the ground are entering the correct aircraft. Nothing is visible from the side. On a fire with multiple company aircraft all I can see is N212KA, N214KA and N243KA registration on the tailboom and not the helitack numbers on the nose. The H510, H554 and H514 ident needs to be visible on the sides o
  8. The mentioned 205 pilot is one of the most professional individuals I have had the opportunity to work with in this industry. Those that have not, would be privileged.
  9. Gotta' agree with Jimmy on this one. Best part of HAI was the Vertical Mag booth hotties and the free Mike Beer! Well done Mike. PS still waiting for one of those hockey jersey's LOL
  10. The K 1200 Kmax has an airspeed / torque limitation. Max 45 psi above 25 kts and below 25 kts max 58 psi. The manufacture has stated these restrictions due to excessice aerodynamic forces on the main rotor blades and hubs due to the high collective pitch settings, forward cyclic pressures and airspeed effects. This is right from their product support many years ago. I surmise the same holds true for the yellow arc on the numerous Bell products (mast stress) and I would conclude the same for Eurocopter as the starflex, upper and lower sleeve assy and elastomerics would be exposed to the sa
  11. The short of the long of it - 6000 lbs no problem, with caveats. Every aircraft will settle with power. The K 1200 Kmax will not experience Vortex Ring State due to the intermeshing main rotor design. But that's in my less than a gazillion hours of experience...
  12. 38 cases of beer loaded into SZY. (has to be a record for a jetranger!) The Temiscaming beer run just prior to our month long stint at White Lake. Had to leave her spinning as we were sitting on the tracks sideways, looking both ways of course. We were not getting paid to fly a helicopter but it was the next best thing. Somedays even better, LOL! Looking for Terry Palmer, Vic Tremblay, Ivan Villeaux. Found the rest of the Canadore Co Co nuts, just looking for these characters!
  13. The maroon 500 looks like an old Rupert's land machine without the signage. Is Don not in buisness anymore?
  14. has anyone invited "hot" donna from store's. i'm going if she's going!!! sounds like clint will be there. i know where screwball and stromboli are hiding out. anyone know where corn and nipples are these days? and giligan and brad/ big m little organ is right there at hanger 40 i believe.
  15. Just as long as TBO does not show up!
  16. good to hear! beer does go along way... safe busy summer as well.
  17. chopperman, yes we would have been lucky to have an 1/8 of a mile in smoke the way i remember it. so how are the new guys working out? good i hope. best of luck.
  18. To the low time pilots applying for these positions I will tell you this little story. Twelve or thirteen years ago (could be even more maybe) I ended up in the NW corner of Alberta with my 206. There were fires everywhere and it was one of those go right away things and what you need will catch up to you when you get there. Yea right. So I end up beside this hanger with nothing more than clothes a bucket and fueling gear. The guy that you are possibly going to work for put out the welcome mat for me and we had never met before. His hanger was at my disposal which included a rest area,
  19. NEVER turn your hydraulics off if you get out of any Bell product previously mentioned. Ensure your "built in" and pilot adjustable frictions and force trim are standard for type before you even think of vacating the aircraft!
  20. There are many company's out there that have the work and would love to add more mediums to there fleet. Skilled crew shortages are the only reason they don't. Some company's choose to park there a/c for the winter. Others do not. Those that fly all year are not operating at a loss, I can guarantee that! I agree with DT3 on that one. I'll give you Brian's and Darryl Bertram's cell number and you can give them a call. Benny and Gord would love to see fresh meat show up in staging!
  21. The only time i have seen the window out was when squirtis or I were chewin' Spitz's...works great. I have done 130kts with the window out - no problems. If you feel it is illegal leave in. If you want to makle your longline work easier under certain conditions take it out. Our maintenance staff were quite dilligent to ensure the lower cowling snaps were adjusted tight at all times! When TC grounds every 204, 205 and 212 out there with a hole cut in the bubble, then i would worry about your windowless astar. As per Sully's words of wisdom if you are on a LL job and have to land
  22. i need a company name - some one PM me...phones going crazy. gods speed. never mind. god bless.
  23. its pretty easy there tubes. u tell the customer what signals they will be using at the start up meeting. you can pull them out of your hat or a ops man / WCB reference. simple now everythhing is standardized to the pilots liking. too easy.
  24. Helog56 is bang on. this should all be covered in detail at the start up or safety meeting. every operator i have ever flown for goes into great detail in the company operation manual (which is on board the a/c at all times!) with regards to hand signals and procedures to use. check your hat rack...
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