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  1. The Astar is a great helicopter. And there is nothing wrong with a 407 either. Each aircraft has specific operational areas in which they shine. You put a B3 up against a 407 and you are splitting hairs. Comes down to Ford or Chevy. Astar paid off my mortgage - don't knock it until you try it!
  2. same rules for uncontrolled airports. join the circuit from the crosswind or downwind leg and follow the rest of the rules...
  3. OT u r correct. the faa controler will keep u out of ther fixed wing traffic but will still make u shoot an approach to an inactive runway or taxiway. just like u said . i am a lazy typer this time of day, ment 2 say what u said only tried to use less words and it did not reproduce the way it was ment. thanks for the clarification. T rex - i am suprised. u new all this from your canadian training way back when. must be getting old eh? LOL. later man.
  4. albert is 100% right. downwind , base and final. i do believe that the runway at any airport is the only approved t/o and landing surface - not a taxi way and not an apron or ramp or the grass beside (unless specified). nordo aircraft can be in the circuit with you and the downwind, base and final are for seperation and the see and be seen element. i have asked dozens of times in the FAA world to shoot and apron approach to facilitate ease of traffic flow and have been shot down evert time because it is not approved with an approach and departure path clearance. if tower clears you straight
  5. For some reason it is just not the same landing in front of the Shell dealer in Grande Prairie without having the Domino Pizza guy waiting there for us. Even the FSS and WestJet boys got a kick out of that. I still expect to see his face somewhere on a fire or seismic staging or airport ramp. Just passsing thru, with that funny smile. I am down in the 4 corners right now...I'll make a low pass for you my friend. Good thoughts on the new edition to the board Harmonic. Fly Safe All.
  6. Do you have the attachment from the Van Sun. Interesting, very interesting!
  7. I see no difference... if the RCMP can land beside "timmy ho's" within town limits. And yes we all know what the CARS state.
  8. probably a better chance of Peace Helicopters returning from the dust...
  9. your not changing or modifying any ones stc. you are applying for a TC stc so you can sit in the left seat as pic in contrast to the normal operations section of the flight manual. bubble door or no bubble door - who cares! i have succesfully applied for a couple TC stc's and it is actually quite simple. if you would like help with it just let me know. and yes helog56 - done all the time. every medium in canada that moves seismic drills or flys fires. is quite safe with the proper briefing.
  10. No, I flew in Korea. Back in the days where we had no bubble doors and got frostbite on our chin.
  11. you are correct, you do need 25 hours of night to fly part 135 operations. you do not need 25 hours of night to convert a commercial canadian license to a us commercial license. and i still stand by my grandfather...
  12. point taken on the pop out floats fms. and i can see the reasoning there. i doubt very much that a float a/c is equiped with a bubble door just like a production longline medium would not have the extra weight of a float kit installed! never know though...
  13. carholme, just to be the devil's advocate here... i have never seen anywhere in a bell medium manual in the normal operations section or emergency procedures section where bell calls for the crew cockpit doors to be jettisoned in flight or while rotors are in motion on the ground. if anyone can find it please post it here. last time i heard a 212 crew door was jettisoned in flight it resulted in many death's.
  14. unless someone can show me the exact cars reference or the page in the flight manual, there is nothing that states you cannot have a passanger in the front seat of any aircraft with dual controls installed. if the manual states you have to sit in the right seat for single pilot operation then you should sit there while moving passangers. your ops manual or written / unwritten company policy might be different. there are company's which have a fms that states left seat single pilot operations are approved under all conditons. i have seen american and canadian company's that have the
  15. Hey Vertical Xrated, I thought your license said; Atlantis Columbia Challanger Discovery Enterprise Endeavour Is the R22 not used just to get you to the pad? The rotation you dream of, 2 weeks on 50 weeks off!!!
  16. Well I guess we should all stop working and living in Canada then...
  17. -40 for Beaufort, high arctic and polar shelf operations, for human considerations. don't worry about the oils, grease, fuel or machine. they will go a lot colder than you will. just make sure you have the right ones for cold wx ops!!!
  18. my canadian night rating grandfathered me into the us night rating. i only had 10 hours nite and got my us license no problem. have had my us for 3 years - still have 10 hours nite...go figure! and that's for part 91,133 and 135.
  19. i hear ya vibee, just pullin' yer hair out. i prefer to think that the parts were not installed correctly or, due to a manufacturing defect (which created a world wide AD causing the fleet to be grounded!) were the reason they departed the aircraft. which would make the fact that we went down the runway in a pogo stick kinda manner totally irrelevant!!! back to the original thread for the rest of us, just because jam pedal procedure's dictate the regular use of the tail skid / stinger - this doen not mean it is to be used in daily operations...my thoughts, only my thoug
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